Time: 16:10-18:10 (UTC+7), Chitlada 2 - other time zones

10min Administrivia (Chairs)

05min Interim Recap (Chairs)

Big decision was to focus on TreeKEM. -protocol was impacted as the ART text was dropped.

15min Architecture Updates and Outstanding Issues (Emad)

Review new version and attempt to address comments: Joel:msg; Issues: I#29, I#35; and PRs: PR#36 and PR#40.

30min TreeKEM: double-join (Richard & Raphael)

See PR#67

20min Authentication (Richard & Nadim)

Katz-Yung vs. SIGMA? Do we cache the whole tree? SignCryption?

Adapting Hierarchical Key Derivation for Ephemeral Signatures in MLS?

15min Handshake encryption and efficiency considerations (Richard & Raphael)


Time: 11:20-12:20 (UTC+7), Chitlada 1 - other time zones

05min Administrivia (Chairs)

15min Message Protection (Richard)

20min Formal Anaylsis Update ?

10min Future Plans