NOTE: This charter is accurate as of the 29th IETF Meeting in Seattle. It may now be out-of-date. (Consider this a "snapshot" of the working group from that meeting.) Up-to-date charters for all active working groups can be found elsewhere in this Web server.

Common Architecture for Next Generation IP (CATNIP) Charter


Mailing List Information

Description of Working Group

CATNIP is a new version of the IP protocol, converged with a compressed form of CLNP, and a form of Novell IPX that permits general interoperation. The objective is to provide common ground between the Internet, OSI, and the Novell protocols, as well as to advance the Internet technology to the scale and performance of the next generation of internetwork technology. CATNIP has been assigned the IP version number 7. The CATNIP proposal has evolved from the TP/IX protocol (RFC 1475) and the TUBA proposal (RFC 1347).

The working group is chartered to review the CATNIP protocol, evaluate issues arising during product development and deployment planning, and to document problems and explanations for any parts of the coexistance with IPv4 not covered directly in the CATNIP-IPv4 interoperation design.

CATNIP includes definitions covering the same ground as the TUBA project, and within the charter of the TUBA Working Group. This will be handled by coordination with the TUBA Working Group. The intent is to arrive at complete alignment between the TUBA work and the CLNP component in CATNIP.

The group will also continue to be the forum for development of the RAP protocol and the TCP extensions while in experimental status; this work will need to be moved to the Transport and Routing Area(s) if it is to be advanced; this work is outside the charter of the IPng Area.

Goals and Milestones

Feb 1994
Produce Internet-Draft on CATNIP/TUBA technical differences
Mar 1994
Submit CATNIP Internet-Draft to IESG for consideration as an Experimental protocol

NOTE: The Internet-Draft(s) listed below may have been deleted since they are only good for six months.