NOTE: This charter is accurate as of the 29th IETF Meeting in Seattle. It may now be out-of-date. (Consider this a "snapshot" of the working group from that meeting.) Up-to-date charters for all active working groups can be found elsewhere in this Web server.

Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Charter


Mailing List Information

Description of Working Group

The Uniform Resource Identifiers Working Group is chartered to define a set of standards for the encoding of system-independent resource location and identification information for the use of Internet information services.

This working group is expected to produce a set of documents that specify standard representations of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for encoding location and access information across multiple information systems, Unique Resource Serial Numbers (URSNs) which specify a standardized method for encoding unique resource identification information for Internet resources, and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) which specify a standardized method for encoding combined resource identification and location information systems to be used for resource discovery and access systems in an Internet environment. Such standards are expected to build upon the document discussed at the UDI BOF session held during the 24th IETF meeting in Boston

Such a set of standards will provide a framework that allows the Internet user to specify the location and access information for files and other resources on the Internet, users and network-based tools to uniquely identify specific resources on the Internet, and the creation and operation of resource discovery and access systems for the Internet. The security of such resource discovery services will also be considered to be an integral part of the work of this group.

Goals and Milestones

Review and approve the charter making any changes deemed necessary. Examine the scope of the recommended documents. Review the first draft of a proposal for Uniform Resource Locators already available.
Submit URL document as an Internet-Draft. Review additional draft documents and determine necessary revisions. Follow up discussion will occur on mailing list.
Nov 1993
Submit the URL document to the IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard RFC.

NOTE: The Internet-Draft(s) listed below may have been deleted since they are only good for six months.