ANSNet Update

March, 1994

Jordan Becker
Advanced Network & Services

ANSnet Network Status Report -- March 30, 1994

ANSnet Phase-5 Network Upgrade Summary
Gated CIDR/BGP4 Deployment
Other Router Software Activities
End-to-End TCP Performance Experiments

Phase-5 T3 Network Upgrade Summary

Upgraded DS3/HSSI router adapters Replaced T3 DSUs FDDI rings deployed at each CNSS location

Phase-5 T3 Map

Figure (GIF - 47036 bytes)

Phase-5 T3 Network Upgrade Summary

Other deployment statistics:

Growth in Network Usage

Graph (GIF - 32818 bytes)

Link Utilization: cnss24 --> cnss40

Graph (GIF - 13107 bytes)

Link Utilization Forecast: cnss24 --> cnss40

Graph (GIF - 11689 bytes)

Packet Proc. Rate: cnss24 --> cnss40

Graph (GIF - 15658 bytes)

Packet Proc. Rate Forecast: cnss24 --> cnss40

Graph (GIF - 10808 bytes)

ANS Gated/CIDR Deployment

Gated/CIDR software deployment on AS690, AS1133 Prepared to eliminate fake AS numbers

Open Gated Problems

  1. AIX Kernel Radix Trie problem

  2. Same AS duplicated in AS-path re-announced to BGP3 peers

ANS CIDR Deployment Status

Gated prepared to support proxy aggregation ANSnet CIX peer prepared to accept/announce aggregates

48 aggregates currently configured for AS690

ANSnet/NSFnet Router Table Growth

Table (GIF - 24771 bytes)

Internal Routing Stability (IBGP)

Graph (GIF - 10273 bytes)

External Routing Stability (EBGP)

Graph (GIF - 12712 bytes)

External Route Flap (EBGP+EGP)

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ANS Router Software Activity

SLSP support for broadcast media

Implement IBGP server to reduce AS690 IBGP mesh (90+ --> 60+)

Gated policy code improvements

ANS Router Software Activity

IBM router system software enhancements

Packets/sec and Bandwidth (Mbit/sec) vs. Window Size in Packets

Lost Packets vs. Window Size in Packets

Percent Packet Loss vs. Window Size in Packets

Graphs (GIF - 15019 bytes)

TCP Transfer Speed (MB/s) vs. Window Size (KB) for 8 MB and 80 MB Transfers

As measured by ttcp between MHPCC and SDSC FDDI rings

Graph (GIF - 10775 bytes)