NOTE: This charter is accurate as of the 30th IETF Meeting in Toronto. It may now be out-of-date. (Consider this a "snapshot" of the working group from that meeting.) Up-to-date charters for all active working groups can be found elsewhere in this Web server.

Multicast Extensions to OSPF (MOSPF) Charter


Mailing List Information

Description of Working Group

This working group will extend the OSPF routing protocol so that it will be able to efficiently route IP multicast packets. This will produce a new (multicast) version of the OSPF protocol, which will be as compatible as possible with the present version (packet formats and most of the algorithms will hopefully remain unaltered).

Goals and Milestones

Become familiar with the IGMP protocol as documented in RFC 1112. Survey existing work on multicast routing, in particular, Steve Deering's paper ``Multicast Routing in Internetworks and Extended LANs''. Identify areas where OSPF must be extended to support multicast routing. Identify possible points of contention.
Review outline of proposed changes to OSPF. Identify any unresolved issues and, if possible, resolve them.
The Group should have a draft specification. Discuss the specification and make any necessary changes. Discuss implementation methods, using as an example, the existing BSD OSPF code, written by Rob Coltun of the University of Maryland.
Report on implementations of the new multicast OSPF. Fix any problems in the specification that were found by the implementations.
Submit the MOSPF Specification to the IESG as a Proposed Standard.

NOTE: The Internet-Draft(s) listed below may have been deleted since they are only good for six months.