IETF User Services Area



  • Status on new InterNIC IS services
  • Work on USV-Web
  • Status on NIC Templates
  • Introduce InterNIC Starter Kit


  • Status on new InterNIC IS services
  • Status on USV-Web
  • Work on NIC Templates
  • Introduce and work on Starter Kit

InterNIC Information Services


Organized with beginners in mind
Manual indexing for efficient document searching

Scout Report

Weekly summary of Net resources, other announcements
R & E community is the primary audience

Resources: Web, gopher, FTP, telnet, email
National Information Infrastructure
Net Bytes
Weekend Scouting

Commercial Services

HTML version for local posting

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Overview articles: NSFNET Transition
Web Version: maps, calendar, NII legislation chart
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NIC Templates


IS requested updates, received 36 of 59
DS posted on gopher, WAIS, X.500 servers
RS posted on a RWhois server


IS sends a second query to the remaining 13
DS will update the remaining, as necessary
RS will update

What's Next?

Outreach to more NICs?
Continue to use all servers?
Distributed RWhois servers?

InterNIC Starter Kit


Produced by IS
Made available to other NIC organizations
Late August - early September
Hardcopy in limited quantities
Ascii, desk-top publishing format
Can customize for specific needs


Input from IETF USWG, NISI for Version 1.
Input this Fall from college, university, K12
Will be updated, improved as appropriate

InterNIC Starter Kit

What is the Internet 1 p.
What is the InterNIC 1 p.
Getting Connected 2 pp.
Internet Resources 1 p.
Internet Tools 2 pp.
Starter Glossary 1 p.
Starter Bibliography 1 p.
Issues in Becoming a Service Provider 1 p.

Providers Lists:
Recently updated Leased-Line Providers - USA
Updated Dial-up Providers - USA
Recently updated International Providers - Worldwide



Homepage - JK Reynolds, USV Summary
Links to IETF FTP site WG directories: charter and minutes

What's next?

Homepage graphics
Forms to join mailing lists
Links to IETF, IESG, IAB
Links to FYIs, RFCs
Links to all docs produced by each group
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