Process for Organization of Internet Standards 95 (poised95) Charter

NOTE: This charter is accurate as of the 35th IETF Meeting in Los Angeles. It may now be out-of-date. (Consider this a "snapshot" of the working group from that meeting.) Up-to-date charters for all active working groups can be found elsewhere in this Web server.


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Description of Working Group

The POISED95 Working Group is a focused effort to resolve some long-standing issues of the standards process and IETF procedure:

o The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) section of RFC 1602 is widely seen as inoperative, because it demands guarantees and procedures when licensing technologies that few, if any, donors will accept.

o The procedures of the NOMCOM, or Nominating Committee, have been quite informal and different with every NOMCOM. They need to be codified.

o Standards procedure documented in RFC 1602 needs to be restated to reflect reality and to remove obsolete provisions.

o The ISOC has proposed creating a link between the IETF and ISOC, and has even created a committee to study the issue. The IETF needs a corresponding effort.

o Other issues as appropriate.

As befits an international organization, POISED95 will meet in Stockholm and Dallas to try and gauge a rough consensus on these issues and develop guidelines and drafts for the appropriate documents.

Goals and Milestones

Jul 95
Meet at Stockholm IETF.
Dec 95
Meet at Dallas IETF.
Feb 96
Submit Internet-Draft.

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