User Services Area Report

Seven active working groups and one BOF were held in the User Services Area (USV) of the IETF in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Humanities and Arts Working Group (HARTS) session chaired by Scott Stoner and Janet Max 

This HARTS session focused on the final review of the Internet-Draft, 

draft-ietf-harts-guide-01.txt, "Humanities and Arts: Sharing Center Stage on the Internet." The attendees reviewed each section of the document, and identified any gaps or omissions. Janet Max will update this draft, with the drop deadline of May 30. After that date, a new version will be posted as an updated I-D in the Internet-Drafts repository. The HARTS group will have a final review before the document is sent to the IESG for approval. This group will be shut down before the Munich IETF in August. 

Internet School Networking (ISN) session chaired by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand. 

Reported by Sepi Boroumand. 

Jodi Ito and Sepideh Boroumand, co-chairs convened the ISN Working Group at 3:00 p.m. 

The redesign of the ISN webpage was discussed with input and suggestions on the necessary changes. 

A possible draft titled "Common pitfalls for K-12 General Community" was discussed with input and suggestions for bullets and content of the document. Meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m. 

ISN2 BOF session chaired by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand. 

Reported by: Sepi BoroumandJodi Ito and Sepideh Boroumand, co-chairs convened the ISN II BOF at 7:30 p.m.. 

The invitees to this meeting are usually educators from area schools. 

The discussions made earlier in the day on the redesign of the web site and the possible document titled "Common Pitfalls for the K-12 General Community" were reviewed by the evening's attendees. The attendees made suggestions for additional input into the documents. Also, possible ways for reaching the K-12 community was discussed. As well as whether ISN is on the right track for developing documents for the K-12 community. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 

Responsible Use of the Network (RUN), chaired by Sally Hambridge and Gary Malkin. Reported by: Gary Malkin 

The RUN Working Group met for a 1-hour session. The primary topic discussed was the review of the "Don't Spew" Internet Draft. There were several suggested changes, primarily the title. There was an argument whether or not we should use "Spam" or "Spew." It was pointed out that "spew" had another, well known meaning, and that "spam" had a similarly well-known meaning. The concern is over copyright and defamation over "Spam" the Hormel product. Joyce Reynolds will discuss this issue with Scott Bradner. 

The group also started discussion about a companion document about how to advertise on the Internet in the proper ways. Logically, these two documents belong together, but the time pressure to get out the first document is too great. One alternative to creating a new document is to re-release the Spew/Spam document with the advertising material. We hope to have an Internet Draft ready by the Munich meeting. 

Site Security Handbook Working Group (SSH), chaired by Barbara Fraser. 

Reported by: Barbara FraserThe SSH working group met once during this IETF. The first half-hour was spent discussing the last few points concerning the SSH draft. It was decided once and for all that the annotated bibliography will be pulled out of the document and published as a separate informational RFC. Barbara will produce a last and final draft by May 15. The list will be able to review it for a sanity check for one week after which it will be sent to Joyce to submit for a last call. 

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the latest draft of the USH (User Security Handbook). Two new drafts will be created between now and the next IETF. We should complete all work sometime shortly after the Munich IETF meeting. 

User Services Working Group (USWG) chaired by Joyce K. Reynolds. 

A report on IETF User Services Area activities was presented by Joyce Reynolds, which included news on related USV Area FYI RFC publications and current Internet-Drafts since the last IETF. 

Reports on related global liaison group activities and international conferences were reported. They included Tom Newell and Susan Calcari providing updates of InterNIC and NetScout activities, the TERENA/IETF ETINU joint working group endeavor, the upcoming JENC8/TERENA ISUS meetings in May 1997, and the INET97 User Track final program. 

The rest of the session focused on the USWG's document update project of FYI 4, RFC 1594 ("FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions"). This was lead by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand, with additional assistance by Tom Newell.

Guide for Internet Standards Writer Working Group (STDGuide) 

This Working Group is a combined endeavor of the USV and OPS Areas of the IETF. Their summary report has been filed with the OPS Area Report. 

Integrated Directory Services Working Group (IDS) 

This Working Group is a combined endeavor of the USV and APPS Areas of the IETF. 

Their summary report has been filed with the APPS Area Report.