Internet School Networking 2 (ISN2) BOF

Minutes of the Internet School Networking II BOF WG (ISN II)

The ISN II BOF was called to order by Jodi Ito and Sepideh Boroumand co-chairs of ISN at 7:30 p.m. Attendees approved the following agenda.

I. Introductions

II. Web Site-Redesign/Conceptualization

III. Discussion of ISN II doc - the "what next after I'm connected?"

IV. Help desk document outline

V. Common Pitfalls document outline


Attendees were invited to introduce themselves and briefly describe their interests in ISN.

The purpose of this meeting was to get educators input on ISN discussions made earlier in the day and in general get their feedback on ISN's direction.

The meeting was very successful. T. Schieffer of Wooddale High School in Memphis informed us that it is Spring Break in Memphis, otherwise the turnout would have been higher.

Input and suggestions for the Web-Site redesign are as follows:

Technical How-To's:

· Topologies (include different models of lab)

· Different kinds of machine management

Things you should know:

· Curriculum Projects (Global Schoolhouse, NASA)

· Tools projection system

National Projects around the world.

· Suggestion to change the topic to Regional and National Projects around the world.

· Self registration with categorization and expiration date

· Resources; Commercial and Non-commercial

· ThinkQuest

· AT&T

· NewMasst

· Tom Snyder


· NASA Classroom of the Future

· Global Schoolhouse/Cisco


· MayaQuest

Next, the following were suggested for the "Common Pitfalls for K-12 General Community," a suggested document.

· Different kinds of machine management.

· Technology Wasted

· The change of teacher's role from "I" to "We"

· Modem pools

· Not enough planning

· Lack of Technology Planning

· OSHA requirements

· Education requirements, quick exit from the classroom, how many students per machine, what kind of classroom

· Importance of commercial support

· Security

Finally, the group discussed ways to reach educators and the following were suggested:

· Send ISN documents to Department of Education in each state. Many states now have a central mailing list to send information to. In Tennessee, it is

· Send information to: ThinkQuest, CCA, NECC, TelEd, CoSN, Classroom Connect.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.