Uninteruptible Power Supply (upsmib)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of that in effect at the time of the 38th IETF Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. It may now be out-of-date.


Jeff Case <case@snmp.com>

Operational Requirements Area Director(s): 

Scott Bradner <sob@harvard.edu>
Michael O'Dell <mo@uu.net>
Deirdre Kostick <kostick@qsun.att.com>

Mailing Lists: 

General Discussion:ups-mib@cs.utk.edu
To Subscribe: ups-mib-request@cs.utk.edu
Archive: ucs.utk.edu:~/pub/ups-mib/mail-archive

Description of Working Group: 

This working group will produce a document that defines MIB objects for use in monitoring and (possibly) controlling both high- and low-end UPSs and related systems (e.g., power distribution systems or power conditioning systems). Related devices may be addressed in this effort to the extent that the primary focus on UPSs is not compromised. 

The MIB object definitions produced will be for use by SNMP and will be consistent with existing SNMP standards and framework. 

At its discretion, the working group may fulfill its charter by the development of distinct MIB definitions for UPS systems of differing capabilities, but the number of MIB definitions produced by the working group will not exceed two. 

At its discretion, the working group may produce an additional document defining traps that support the management of UPSs. 

Although the working group may choose to solicit input or expertise from other relevant standards bodies, no extant standards efforts or authorities are known with which alignment of this work is required. 

Because the structure of UPS implementations varies widely, the working group shall take special care that its definitions reflect a generic and consistent architectural model of UPS management rather than the structure of particular UPS implementations.

Goals and Milestones:


Hold Interim Working Group meeting to review draft.


Post initial draft MIB to Internet-Drafts.


Meet at March IETF meeting to reach closure on MIB document.


Submit the UPS MIB to the IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.

Dec 95 

Meet at Dallas IETF to consider elevation of UPS MIB (RFC1628) to Draft Standard.

No Current Internet-Drafts

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UPS Management Information Base

Current Meeting Report

The Working Group did not meet. 


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