2.6.8 Secure Shell (secsh)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 39th IETF Meeting in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It may now be out-of-date.


Perry Metzger <perry@piermont.com>

Security Area Director(s):

Jeffrey Schiller <jis@mit.edu>

Security Area Advisor:

Jeffrey Schiller <jis@mit.edu>

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Description of Working Group:

The goal of the working group is to update and standardize the popular SSH protocol. SSH provides support for secure remote login, secure file transfer, and secure TCP/IP and X11 forwardings. It can automatically encrypt, authenticate, and compress transmitted data. The working group will attempt to assure that the SSH protocol:

The resulting protocol will operate over TCP/IP or other reliable but insecure transport. It is intended to be implemented at the application level.

Goals and Milestones:

Feb 97


Submit Internet-Draft on SSH-2.0 protocol

Apr 97


Decide on Transport Layer protocol at Memphis IETF.

Aug 97


Finalize upper level protocols at Munich IETF.

Sep 97


Submit Internet-Drafts to IESG to consider for publication as RFCs.

Dec 97


Meet at DC IETF meeting.


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