2.8 User Services

User Services Area Report

Joyce K. Reynolds (USAD)

Six active working groups were held in the User Services Area (USV) of the IETF in Munich, Germany.

I. Internet School Networking (ISN) session

Chaired by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand.

Reported by Sepi Boroumand.

The Internet School Networking Working Group met on Tuesday, August 12, 1997. All attendees made introductions. Mr. K. Fuller made a presentation introducing the group to school networking in Germany. Two secondary school level students shared their experiences of being on the Net and told the group of their school connectivity and activities on the Net. The group reviewed the Help Desk document. The time did not allow for a review of the Common Pitfalls document.

II. Responsible Use of the Network (RUN)

Chaired by Sally Hambridge and Gary Malkin.

Reported by Gary Malkin.

The RUN working group met for a one-hour session. The two topics discussed were the review of the "Don't Spew" Internet Draft and the draft (sent to the mailing list) of the to-be-named advertising document.

The "Don't Spew" I-D received mostly editorial and minor modifications. There was additional discussion over the issue of "spam." It was decided to remove the Hormel Trademark because the document clearly states that the term derives from the Monty Python sketch. That Spam is a product of Hormel will be mentioned in the paragraph after the derivation explanation.

The advertising draft was well received (with comments, of course). The new working title is "Make Enemies Fast."

III. Site Security Handbook WG (SSH)

Chaired and Reported by Barbara Fraser.

The SSH working group met across two one-hour time slots during the Munich IETF. During this time, we announced completion of the SSH draft and spent the bulk of the meeting discussing content modifications for the USH draft. The group also heard a presentation suggesting a new document on firewalls. A draft will be prepared in time for discussion at the December IETF meeting.

IV. User Services Working Group (USWG)

Chaired by Joyce K. Reynolds.

A report on IETF User Services Area activities was presented by Joyce Reynolds, which included news on related USV Area FYI RFC publications and current Internet-Drafts since the last IETF.

Reports on related global liaison group activities were reported. They included updates of InterNIC activities by Sepi Boroumand (on behalf of Tom Newell) and Internet Scout updates/activities by Amy Wells. George Munroe provided a presentation and discussion on the TERENA/IETF ETINU Project.

The rest of the session focused on the USWG's document update project of FYI 4, RFC 1594 ("FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions"). This was lead by Sepi Boroumand, with additional assistance by April Marine and USWG attendees.

V. Guide for Internet Standards Writer WG (STDGuide)

This WG is a combined endeavor of the USV and OPS Areas of the IETF. Their summary report has been filed with the OPS Area Report.

VI. Integrated Directory Services WG (IDS)

This WG is a combined endeavor of the USV and APPS Areas of the IETF. Their summary report has been filed with the APPS Area Report.

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