2.8.2 Responsible Use of the Network (run)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 39th IETF Meeting in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It may now be out-of-date.


G. Malkin <gmalkin@baynetworks.com>
Sally Hambridge <sallyh@ludwig.sc.intel.com>

User Services Area Director(s):

Joyce K. Reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>

User Services Area Advisor:

Joyce K. Reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>

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Description of Working Group:

Reflecting the needs of the Internet community, the IETF sees a need to create an guide for Internet users about mass unsolicited email and Netnews postings. The Working Group will develop an FYI RFC on mass unsolicited email and posts, as well as an FYI RFC on responsible advertising.

Goals and Milestones:



Create bibliography of available literature.



Internet-Draft of netiquette guide.



Submit netiquette guide to be published as FYI RFC.

Dec 96


Review/Discuss updates/extensions to FYI 28, RFC 1855 Appoint Document editor.



Outline of Mass Unsolicited Email/Postings Draft

Mar 97


Submit Internet-Draft of updated document.



Internet Draft of Guide on Mass Unsolicited Mail/Postings

Jul 97


FYI RFC of Guide on Mass Unsolicited Email/Postings

Aug 97


Submit new document to IESG for publication as an FYI RFC.

Feb 98


Internet Draft of Responsible Internet Advertising

Jul 98


FYI RFC on Responsible Internet Advertising


Request For Comments:







Netiquette Guidelines

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the Responsible Use of the Network Working Group Meeting

Reported by Gary Malkin, Bay Networks

I. Status Update

Chairpersons Sally Hambridge / sallyh@ludwig.intel.com
Gary Scott Malkin / gmalkin@baynetworks.com

Mailing List ietf-run@mailbag.intel.com
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Progress: This was the third meeting of the revived RUN WG. The group met in a short (one hour) time slot. We accomplished all of the goals set forth in the agenda for the meeting; specifically, we reviewed draft-ietf-run-spew-01.txt and the Responsible Advertising draft.

II. Agenda

Welcome/Introductions/Administrivia (10 minutes)
Review draft-ietf-run-spew-01.txt (30 minutes)
Review Responsible Advertising draft/outline (15 minutes)
AOB/wrap-up (5 minutes)

The "Don't Spew" I-D went received mostly editorial and minor modifications. There was additional discussion over the issue of "spam."

III. General

It was decided to remove the Hormel Trademark because the document clearly states that the term derives from the Monty Python sketch. That Spam is a product of Hormel will be mentioned in the paragraph after the derivation explanation.

Put in the message: "Think twice before responding to advertising and business practices (somewhere).

Section 3, paragraph 5
· Mention theft of Service
· Free speech doesn't require anyone else to listen

Section 3, paragraph 7
· Per person increase

Section 4a
· Add more caution about copying local postmaster

Section 5, paragraph 2
· Strengthen wording about killing relay hosts
· Need hostname last hop
· Avoid accidentally blocking MX records

Section 5, paragraph 3
· Reverse DNS lookup
· Add pointers to stuff on the net

Section 6, paragraph 1
· Use descriptions rather than "upstream" and "downstream"

Section 6, paragraph 2
· Close servers except for legitimate users

Section 6, paragraph 6
· Catch spammers on "interfering with network" clauses
· Charge "clean-up" fee

Section 7 (mislabeled as 6 in doc), paragraph 1
· Exercise discretion and good taste

The advertising draft was well received. The new working title is "Make Enemies Fast."

· Why you can't make money fast
· Pull stuff from MMF site

Section 3
· Move paragraph 4 to paragraph 1.

Section 4, paragraph 1
· Add "Per your request" example
· Avoid aggravating headers like "Our research shows your interest..."


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