2.1.27 Directory Deployment (dirdep) BOF

Minutes of the DirDep BOF

Written by Sally Hambridge. All typos and misunderstandings mine alone.

I. Summary

The DIRDEP BOF met and decided to concentrate on LDAP Service Deployment as a way to focus activities. Accordingly, the proposed Working Group will be changed to Ldap Service Deployment, with the acronym LSD. There was a large scoping discussion where we decided on the size of the problem we were willing to tackle, and then we prioritized the items of work. Finally we assigned document editors for the documents.

II. Minutes


Chris Apple <capple@master.control.att.com>
Roland Hedberg <Roland.Hedberg@umdac.umu.se>

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As ASID and IDS are winding down, there is still a need for work in the Directory area to define differences in DITs and schema, to handle I18N (Internationalization) problems, and deal with character set problems. Also, approximate matching algorithms such as soundex and metaphone do not work well for non-English names; there are schema inconsistencies in attribute names and semantic collisions across schema exist in abundance. The general problem of locating a directory service has not been documented; IWPS is not really a true schema if a schema is defined as attribute name, semantics, syntax, and inter-relationships. Guidelines for schema writers do not exist as an IETF document, directories can be difficult to administer, maintain and operate, and from the user's perspective, the same query as entered in different clients, received different results from the same server since "guessing game" search filters are contained in clients.

The problem we are trying to solve is "How do I find a service to find information about people; and how do I find information about people?"

The group elected to concentrate on LDAP implementations to limit the scope of what the working group was biting off, and therefore changed the name of the proposed working group to: LDAP Service Deployment, which gives the interesting acronym of LSD. (A natural follow-on from ASID). Accordingly, the mailing lists sited above are slated to change the week after the 39th IETF to:

Mailing List: ietf-lsd@listserv.umu.se
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We agreed we would be LDAP focused but not afraid of dealing with other protocols which help directory deployment such as DNS and CIP.

There was a fairly long discussion on scoping. The original suggestions were - schema inconsistencies and mappings; piloting activities in support of particular application use of a directory service (e.g., forward knowledge of certificates and global white pages service); help and guidance for the people who deploy directories; help and guidance for people building implementations. Other suggestions from the chair: deployment and requirements for mission critical directories, general problems of locating directory services.

We had a long discussion on an area that was originally described as "managing the root context" or "interconnecting ldap islands" but was finally named "practical guidance for naming and interconnection." We elected to call this out as a separate item of work from "giving guidelines to implementors" so it would not be lost or forgotten in the shuffle.

After discussion and a show of hands, the scope and priorities of the proposed Working Group will be:

H = High Priority
M = Medium Priority
L = Low Priority

H practical guidance for naming and interconnectivity
H- document schema inconsistencies and mappings
M+ provide help and guidance for the people who deploy directories
M document guidelines for locating a directory service
M- guidelines for implementors and developers
L support pilot for particular application use of directory service

There was some discussion of where character set issues fit, would it be in this group or in the LDAPExt (LDAP Extensions) group, and Chris said he and Roland would talk to Mark Wahl and Tim Howes about this.

There was a discussion about whether the nature of the pilot would be an Internet or Intranet pilot, and the group agreed it would be an Internet pilot. We then decided on the documents to support the work and document editors for each:

1. Charset Handling - to be negotiated with LDAPExt
2. Schema inconsistencies and mappings - Bill Curtin, Chris Apple
3. Guidelines for Schema Writers - Mark Wahl and John Strassen
4. Guidelines for LDAP Client and Servers Implementors - Ed Reed, Sandy Miklos
5. Guidelines for Naming and Interconnection of LDAP directories - Ann Brown, Chris Weider
6. Requirements for successful LDAP deployment - John Strassner, Ed Reed
7. Requirements for LDAPv3 Pilot Study - answer sought - Probably will be dropped from the charter
8. LDAP Server Mesh Pilot Plan - Left Open
9. LDAP deployment guide - Chris Apple, Sandy Miklos
10. Approximate matching algorithm - Roland Hedberg
11. TISDAG Project Report - Patrik Faltstrom
12. (TISDAG is the Swedish Directory project, and the report is at http://tisdag.sunet.se/ )
13. Guidelines for locating a directory service - This work has been started by Ryan Moats, Paul Leach and Bruce Greenblatt and the group thought it polite to ask these three people before committing them to the work.

III. Action Items

1. Chris will poll the Mailing list about the pilot study and see if it should retain the low priority or stay in the charter at all.
2. Chris will post goals and priorities to the list by Monday after IETF.
3. Roland will change the mailing list name and keep all current subscribers by the week after IETF.
4. Chris will send the question about LDAPv2 to v3 compatibility to the list by Monday.
5. Chris will also talk to the LDAPExt chairs before next week about the character set stuff and about the relationships for locating directory services.
6. A new version for the charter will be posted 2-3 weeks from now and the group should close on it by October.
7. Document editors should send mail to Chris and Roland to confirm their commitment.

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