2.7.12 TCP Large Windows (tcplw) *

This Working Group Did Not Meet.

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 40th IETF Meeting in Washington, DC. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 29-Jul-97


David Borman <dab@bsdi.com>

Transport Area Director(s):

Scott Bradner <sob@harvard.edu>
Allyn Romanow <allyn.romanow@eng.sun.com>

Transport Area Advisor:

Allyn Romanow <allyn.romanow@eng.sun.com>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:tcplw@bsdi.com
To Subscribe: tcplw-request@bsdi.com

Description of Working Group:

The TCP Large Windows Working Group is chartered to produce a specification for the use of TCP on high-delay, high-bandwidth paths. To this end, this working group recommended ``TCP extensions for long-delay paths'' (RFC 1072), and ``TCP Extension for High-Speed Paths'' (RFC 1185) be published jointly as a Proposed Standard. Deficiencies in the technical details of the documents were identified by the End-to-End Research Group of the IRTF. Rather than progress the standard with known deficiencies, the IESG tasked the End-to-End Research Group to fix and merge these two documents into a single protocol specification document. This review was done on the e2e-interest@isi.edu mailing list.

The TCP Large Windows Working Group is being resurrected for a one time meeting, to review and if appropriate, approve this new document.

Goals and Milestones:



Review the TCP Extended Window Size proposal from the IRSG End to End Research Group and if acceptable, recommend it for Standards status.


Request For Comments:







TCP Extensions for High Performance



TCP Selective Acknowledgment Options

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