2.8 User Services Area

User Services Area Report, Joyce K. Reynolds (USAD)

Six active working groups and one BOF were held in the User Services Area (USV) of the IETF in Washington, D.C.

I. Internet School Networking (ISN)
Chaired by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand. Reported by Jodi Ito.

The ISN Working group met on Monday at 3:40pm. Each of the three projects were discussed: the Help Desk document, Common Pitfalls document, and the ISN web pages. Additions, revisions, and comments were made on each with further discussion to be continued on the mailing list.

The ISN charter was reviewed and discussed. The advocacy and articulation are still needed but the goals and milestones need to be updated. Discussion regarding the future of ISN mentioned looking at the newer Internet technologies and seeing how the related to education.

II. Responsible Use of the Network (RUN)
Chaired by Sally Hambridge and Gary Malkin. Reported by Gary Malkin.

The RUN WG met for a one-hour session on Tuesday. We quickly discussed the "Don't Spew" Internet Draft and believe it is almost ready to go to the RFC Editor. The majority of the meeting was spent reviewing the "Make Enemies Fast" (working title) document sent to the mailing list. The group believes this document can be ready for final review at the Los Angeles IETF.

III. Site Security Handbook WG (SSH)
Chaired by Barbara Fraser. Reported by Barbara Fraser.

The SSH working group met once this IETF meeting. The group discussed the current user security handbook draft and decided to do the following things to further clarify the audience and to help the reader with concepts and terminology:

We expect to publish the next draft by the beginning of February and have a final draft by the next IETF meeting in Los Angeles.

IV. User Services Working Group (USWG)
Chaired by Joyce K. Reynolds. Reported by JKRey.

A report on IETF User Services Area activities was presented by Joyce Reynolds, which included news on related USV Area FYI RFC publications and current Internet-Drafts since the last IETF. Liaison with other IETF areas included a WEBPRIV BOF (USV/APPS) at this IETF.

Reports on related global liaison group activities and international conferences were reported. A TERENA Networking Conference will be held in 1998. TERENA's "Guide to Network Resource Tools" is in process of being published. Hopefully, both in book format by Addison-Wesley and as an update to FYI 23 (RFC 1580). Peter Valkenburg and Joyce are working with key players to finalize publication.

George Munroe provided a presentation, update, and discussion on the TERENA/IETF ETINU Project. Updates of Internet Scout activities were provided by Susan Calcari.

The rest of the session focused on the USWG's document update project of FYI 4, RFC 1594 ("FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions"). This was lead by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand.

V. Web User Privacy: Expectations and Threats BOF (WEBPRIV)
Chaired by Larry Masinter. Reported by JKRey.

This BOF was held to canvas for interest in creating a working group aimed at creating a set of guidelines which will aid both system administrators and protocol designers: what are the nature of the threats to user privacy, and what are some of the mechanisms and policies that are necessary to avoid such threats.

Presentations on hit metering, state management (a.k.a. Cookies), and operational issues were discussed. Plans for a chartered working group to develop a guidelines document in the USV Area will continue to be discussed until the next IETF in Los Angeles.

VI. Guide for Internet Standards Writer WG (STDGuide)

This WG is a combined endeavor of the USV and OPS Areas of the IETF. Their summary report has been filed with the OPS Area Report.

VII. Integrated Directory Services WG (IDS)

This WG is a combined endeavor of the USV and APPS Areas of the IETF. Their summary report has been filed with the APPS Area Report.

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