2.8.4 User Services (uswg)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 40th IETF Meeting in Washington, DC. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 24-Oct-97


Joyce K. Reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>

User Services Area Director(s):

Joyce K. Reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>

User Services Area Advisor:

Joyce K. Reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:uswg@isi.edu
To Subscribe: uswg-request@isi.edu
Archive: ftp://ftp.near.net/mail-archives/us-wg*

Description of Working Group:

The User Services Working Group of the IETF provides a regular forum for people interested in all levels of user services to identify and initiate projects designed to improve the quality of information available to users of the Internet. Actual projects themselves are handled by separate groups, usually through IETF working groups, or through liaisons with international organizations such as TERENA's (Trans-European Research and Education Network Association) Information Services and User Support.

(1) Meet on a regular basis to consider projects designed to improve services to users. In general, projects should:

- Clearly address user assistance needs;

- Produce an end-result (e.g., a document, a program plan, etc.);

- Have a reasonably clear approach to achieving the end-result (with an estimated time for completion); and

- Not duplicate existing or previous efforts.

(2) Create working groups or other focus groups to carry out projects deemed worthy of pursuing.

(3) Provide a forum in which user services providers can discuss and identify common concerns.

This is an active, on-going working group in the USV area of the IETF. It is the spawning ground for establishing other working groups in this area.

No Goals and Milestones
No Current Internet-Drafts
Request For Comments:







F.Y.I. on F.Y.I.: Introduction to the F.Y.I. notes



Answers to Commonly asked ``Experienced Internet User'' Questions



FYI on ``What is the Internet?''



FYI on Questions and Answer Answers to Commonly asked ``New Internet User'' Questions

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the User Services (USWG) Working Group

Chair: Joyce K. Reynolds/ISI (jkrey@isi.edu)

A report on IETF User Services Area activities was presented by Joyce Reynolds, which included news on related USV Area FYI RFC publications and current Internet-Drafts since the last IETF. Liaison with other IETF areas included a WEBPRIV BOF (USV/APPS) at this IETF.

The Site Security Handbook WG is working on their Internet-Draft, draft-ietf-ssh-users-04.txt, as a companion document to their handbook.

The Responsible Use of the Net (RUN) Working Group has the following Internet-Draft in process and review: draft-ietf-run-spew-02.txt.

The STDGUIDE Working Group, which is a joint Ops/Mgt and USV project is still working on its Internet-Draft: draft-ietf-stdguide-ops-04.txt.

Four FYI (For Your Information) RFCs (Request for Comments) were published since the last IETF. Two of the four are products of the User Services Area of the IETF (Site Security Handbook WG, and Humanities and the Arts WG).

FYI 32, RFC 2235, "Hobbes' Internet Timeline"
FYI 8, RFC 2196, "Site Security Handbook"
FYI 31, RFC 2150, "Humanities and Arts: Sharing Center Stage on the Internet"
FYI 30, RFC 2151, "A Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools and Utilities"

Reports on related global liaison group activities and international conferences were reported. A TERENA Networking Conference will be held in 1998. TERENA's "Guide to Network Resource Tools" is in process of being published. Hopefully, both in book format by Addison-Wesley and as an update to FYI 23 (RFC 1580). Peter Valkenburg (TERENA) and Joyce are working with key players to finalize publication.

George Munroe provided a presentation, update, and discussion on the TERENA/IETF ETINU (Environment to Inspire Network Users ) Project since the last IETF in Munich. An evaluation panel has been set up, and ETINU has received funding from TERENA. The questionnaire is ready. George showed the on-line questionnaire and the make-up of it (point and click). During this period, ETINU launched their survey. They have received 200 responses so far, but would like additional input.

George stated that what's next for this project is to encourage more responses for the survey. The intent is to obtain a larger sample. Their goals are to have a full survey report finished by January 1998. Preparation of a list of desirable features by February 1998. Identification of software modules will be completed by March 5, 1998. The ETINU web pages are available at:

Updates of Internet Scout activities were provided by Susan Calcari. There is a new Subject Specific Scout Report (SSSR). It reports on new and newly discovered Internet resources. In the long run, it will provide selective dissemination of information. A new endeavor called Signpost (a search and browse scout report) is up and running. Another project, named Roads, is being worked on by the Internet Scout in collaboration with people in the U.K. For additional information: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/scout.

Joe Aiuto of the "DS" (Directory Services) side of the InterNIC gave a brief talk about the end of funding for the projects and services his site has been supplying to the Internet. The ds.internic.net will cease operations on 1 April 98. Joe is looking for someone who would be interested in taking over the products and services that need a new home. Contact Joe at <aiuto@worldnet.att.net>.

The rest of the session focused on the USWG's document update project of FYI 4, RFC 1594 ("FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions"). This was lead by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand.


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