2.1.33 Message Tracking MIB (msgmib) BOF

Minutes of the Message Tracking MIB (msgmib) BOF

First, there was a presentation by the BOF leader:

Several companies have now implemented SNMP MIBs in accordance with an Internet draft standard for tracking individual messages, their characteristics, or the path they have taken through the messaging network. The resulting MIB is useful for finding lost messages, but can also be used for accounting, security auditing, message loop detection, and per-message performance statistics. This MIB picks up where the Mail and Directory Management MIB (MADMAN) left off.

Next, all agreed that the group should produce two deliverables:

1. A model document that describes the problem.

Entity relationship model, including relationships between the entities (e.g., SMTP message switch, message store). Limit this to what is necessary for tracking messages.

Security issues

Limit to RFC 822 messages sent over SMTP at the start, possibly expand later
Limit to MTA
Don't exclude control functions
Don't conflict with model in madman

2. Standards track document (RFC) that specifies how message tracking can be done using SNMP.

Needs elements of procedure
Additions and revisions to current draft (draft-ietf-madman-trackmib-00.txt)
Other design proposals

Finally, the group agreed to a time-table for the deliverables:

Draft charter to list December 18
Draft charter to Harald December 25
Develop model 1st draft March 1
Update mib draft March 1


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