2.3.3 DNS IXFR, Notification, and Dynamic Update (dnsind)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 40th IETF Meeting in Washington, DC. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 24-Oct-97


Randy Bush <randy@psg.com>

Internet Area Director(s):

Jeffrey Burgan <burgan@home.net>
Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>

Internet Area Advisor:

Jeffrey Burgan <burgan@home.net>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:namedroppers@internic.net
To Subscribe: namedroppers-request@internic.net
Archive: ftp://rs.internic.net/archives/namedroppers

Description of Working Group:

The DNS Incremental Transfer, Notification, and Dynamic Update Working Group is concerned with three areas of future DNS protocol development:

1. Incremental Zone Transfer - As the sizes of some zone files have grown quite large, it is believed that a protocol addition to allow the transfer of only the changed subset of a zone will reduce net traffic and the load on critical servers.

2. Change Notification - There can be large time intervals during which at least one secondary has data that is inconsistent with the primary. The proposed ``notify'' mechanism (where the primary sends a message to known secondaries) facilitates fast convergence of servers vis-a-vis consistency of data in the zones.

3. Dynamic Update - The need to frequently update small portions of a large zone and to have those updates propagate is perceived.

Goals and Milestones:



Consolidated review of draft-ietf-dns-ixfr-01.txt.



Submit Incremental Transfer and Notify Internet-Drafts.



Submit revised Incremental Transfer and Notify Internet-Drafts.

Apr 96


Submit Dynamic Update, Incremental Transfer, and Notify Internet-Drafts to the IESG for consideration as Proposed Standards.


Request For Comments:







Incremental Zone Transfer in DNS



A Mechanism for Prompt Notification of Zone Changes (DNS NOTIFY)



Serial Number Arithmetic



Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System (DNS UPDATE)



Clarifications to the DNS Specification



Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS Servers

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the DNS IXFR, Notification, and Dynamic Update (dnsind) WG

Reworking agenda - Randy's laptop does not work so went off old one kre remembered corrections. Kitchen sink not being discussed here.

Purpose of group is to push things PS->DS


All set to go with testing of insecure, but problems with mailing list. If you think you are on the list, send map email. Three implementations of dynamic update/notify.

May have one example of each; probably have two of all of them. Need independant implementation of each end. Need to demo each proto is interopable with two implementations of each proto. Do not need to demo that update is interoperable with notify.

Dynamic update is kinda useless without notify, so testing dynamic will also test notify. Let them know if email is not received by Friday.

Secure dynamic update - one impl in progress - tis is one other also - Rob Stevens, competitive automation.

Need to give justification of why you want to subscribe to list or will ignore.


Have mailing list with 10 people
2.5 implementations
martic chapple (??) - seems to be working
prati opta (??) - not yet public, doing private testing now, maybe this month
josh, doing ixfer, not done yet
hope tests to begin this month

Do each of the four drafts have test plans? Which? One does - map. Please share the test plans publicly

What is dns testing event in sj?
Vixie: imc is doing an event on jan 27 in bay area
Don't know why they are doing this but Vixie will be there with several versions of bind, also microsoft will be there.

Someone from usoft: goal is to test on a wide scale.

Test plan? Not yet; hope to be one. Report? Hope so. Please do it formally so that results can be public and usable.

classless - IESG wants some change; waiting for new draft from authors.

Local-names - informational

Vixie on tsig


dns error (?)

Donalds udp draft

128bit ipv6 addr, rfc 1880 for quad RR

should gain bits at every lookup

D-bit (another draft)

This draft does *not* match the way that I do delegations. How do you do a lookup on a site local or xx local addr? Lots of discussion ensued.

Trying to delegate on bit boundaries or just do the cidrized in-addr trick (at least to all but the bottom nibble).or do bit.bit.bit.bit.....

Further discussion to continue on the list


None Received

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