2.8 User Services Area

User Services Area Report

Joyce K. Reynolds and April Marine

Internet School Networking (ISN) session chaired by Jodi Ito and Sepi Boroumand.

The Internet School Networking Working Group did not meet at this IETF.

Responsible Use of the Network (RUN)

Chaired by Sally Hambridge.
Reported by April Marine and John Beck.

The RUN WG met in a one-hour slot and had two main topics of discussion. First was discussion of a suggestion on the list that all advertising messages be labeled as "advertisement." The pros and cons of this suggestion were discussed and consensus was that recommending labeling would not be done, but a clear recommendation toward honesty in content and headers be included. The main topic of discussion was the current "Make Enemies Fast!" draft. Several good suggestions were made. Another version will be done with the main goals of tightening the presentation of the ideas included and changing the tone of the document to be more clearly helpful recommendations for better ways of using the net for business.

The group was also quite happy to hear of the $2M decision against spam in the LA courts!

Site Security Handbook WG (SSH)

Chaired by Barbara Fraser.
Reported by Barbara Fraser.

The SSH working group met once during this IETF. We reviewed the current user security handbook draft document and updated the schedule for advancement of the document. The goal is to get the document ready for advancement (and an IETF last call if that's what's decided we need to do) by July 1.

User Services Working Group (USWG)

Chaired by Joyce K. Reynolds.

A report on IETF User Services Area activities was presented by Joyce Reynolds, which included news on the USV Area Director Transition from Joyce to April Marine, USV Area Working Group Status, and liaison updates with other IETF areas. A large amount of time was spent on discussing the future visions and projects for the USV Area.

Reports on related global liaison group activities were presented. They included updates of TERENA/IETF ETINU by Christine Cahoon, and TERENA News/Updates and ISUS by George Munroe. Amy Tracy Wells provided news on the Internet Scout Project. Joe Aiuto spoke briefly on the "ds.internic.net" shutdown on April 1, 1998.

The rest of the session focused on the USWG's projects, which included WebPriv and the update of FYI 4, RFC 1594.