2.1.19 Message Tracking MIB (msgmib) bof

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Minutes of the Message Tracking MIB (msgmib) BOF

IESG rejected the original charter because of its reliance on SNMP.

Q: do we want to generalize this for other types of messaging?
A: start w/ 822, expand later.


June 1 model draft
August 1 revise model draft
42nd IETF discuss protocol, finish model
October 15 final draft of model, first draft of protocol
November 25 revised draft of protocol
43rd IETF discuss protocol
February 1 final draft of protocol

Feedback: emphasize security

Msg tracking model - complexity levels

Level 1 - administrative access, small # of secrets

Level 2 - originators of own msg authentication for msg originators may require public key/private key for people w/o a close relationship to the MTA, while msg originators with a close relationship may be able to use a simpler authentication mechanism, such as SASL.

Level 3 - msg recipients


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