2.3.12 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (adsl) bof

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (adsl) BOF

Meeting convened at 9:30 am. Co-chairs Mike Sneed and Dave Allan in attendance.

97 other attendees in room.

Meeting opened with overview of the agenda/Mike Sneed

The ADSL WG charter was presented and opened up for comments. It was noted that RFC 2233 supercedes RFC 1573. Change control delegation from ADSL Forum was discussed and it was indicated that change control delegation had been confirmed at the closing plenary of the ADSL Forum meeting in December.

The work schedule for the group was presented. No comments from the floor.

Greg Bathrick presented the I-D from the ADSL Forum "draft-bathrick-adsllinemib-adsl-00.txt." compassed were:

Next steps outlined were:

Mike resumed chairing the discussion as the group wrestled with a way forward for the C.O. and CPE MIB directions.


Closing discussion was around EOC channel being uni-directional such that the C.O. would have to "push" information to the CPE and that the customer view may be proxied in the interest of low cost CPE.

Meeting closed at 10:55


ADSL BOF - Agenda

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