Access, Searching and Indexing of Directories (asid)

Application MIB (applmib)

Common Indexing Protocol (find)

Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (ediint)

Extensions to FTP (ftpext)

HyperText Transfer Protocol (http)

Integrated Directory Services (ids)

Large Scale Multicast Applications (lsma)

Mail and Directory Management (madman)

Printer MIB (printmib)

Receipt Notifications for Internet Mail (receipt)

Uniform Resource Names (urn)

Usenet Article Standard Update (usefor)

Guide for Internet Standards Writers (stdguide)

Process for Organization of Internet StandardS ONg (poisson)

AToM MIB (atommib)

DS1/DS3 MIB (trunkmib)

Frame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib)

IP Payload Compression Protocol (ippcp)

LDAP Service Deployment (lsd)

Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering (pier)

Remote Network Monitoring (rmonmib)

RWhois Operational Development (rwhois)

SNMP Agent Extensibility (agentx)

The Internet and the Millennium Problem (2000)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (upsmib)

Data Link Switching MIB (dlswmib)

Multicast Extensions to OSPF (mospf)

QoS Routing (qosr)

Routing Information Protocol (rip)

SNA DLC Services MIB (snadlc)

Authenticated Firewall Traversal (aft)

Domain Name System Security (dnssec)

Secure Shell (secsh)

Web Transaction Security (wts)

Integrated Services (intserv)

Resource Reservation Setup Protocol (rsvp)

TCP Large Windows (tcplw)

Internet School Networking (isn)