2.7.12 Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement (rtfm)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 42nd IETF Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 23-Jul-98


Gregory Ruth <gruth@gte.com>
Nevil Brownlee <n.brownlee@auckland.ac.nz>
Sig Handelman <swhandel@us.ibm.com>

Transport Area Director(s):

Scott Bradner <sob@harvard.edu>
Vern Paxson <vern@ee.lbl.gov>

Transport Area Advisor:

Vern Paxson <vern@ee.lbl.gov>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:rtfm@auckland.ac.nz
To Subscribe: majordomo@auckland.ac.nz
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Archive: ftp://ftp.auckland.ac.nz/pub/rtfm/ml-archive

Description of Working Group:

This working group has three main objectives:

* Consider current issues in traffic flow measurement, such as

- Security issues relating to both traffic measuring devices and to the data they produce.

- Policy issues relating to traffic measurement and usage accounting, for example any requirements these may place on emerging network protocols

- Existing work in traffic flow measurement, including that of IETF Working Groups such as bmwg/ippm, rsvp and rmonmib, as well as that by vendors and independent researchers

* Produce an improved Traffic Flow Model considering at least the following needs:

- wider range of measurable quantities, e.g. those relating to IPv6, and to class of service - simpler ways to specify flows of interest - better ways to control access to measured flow data - strong focus on data reduction capabilities - efficient hardware implementation

* Develop the RTFM Architecture and Meter MIB as 'standards track' documents with the IETF.

Goals and Milestones:

Feb 96


Submit set of revised Internet-Drafts and of RFC1272 to the IESG for considertation as Experimental Protocols.

Mar 96


Produce outline for 'New Traffic Flow Model' document

Jul 96


Submit 'New Traffic Flow Model' document as an Internet-Draft, and begin working on an implementation document.

Jul 96


Submit Internet-Draft on Flow Meter MIB.

Nov 96


Submit Implementation document as an Internet-Draft.

Nov 96


Submit 'New Traffic Flow Model' to the IESG to be considered for publication as an RFC.

Mar 97


Submit Implementation Internet-Draft to the IESG to be considered for publication as an RFC.

Jul 97


Submit Meter MIB I-D to IESG for consideration as Propsed

Aug 97


Publish revised and extended I-D on 'New Attributes'

Aug 97


Publish revised 'Architecture' I-D to cover new attributes

Dec 97


Submit I-Ds on 'New Attributes' and 'Architecture' for consideration as Proposed Standards


Request For Comments:







Traffic Flow Measurement: Meter MIB



Traffic Flow Measurement: Architecture



Traffic Flow Measurement: Experiences with NeTraMet

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the RTFM Meeting, Chicago IETF, Tue 25 Aug 98
(Minutes taken by Stephen Stibler)

The WG reviewed its current documents, and decided to produce its Applicability Statement
as a new (fifth) Internet Draft.

There was some discussion of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) and Prefix Lengths as
they appear in the 'New Attributes' I-D. Users do find these useful, so we agreed to keep them.
RMON Protocol Identifiers were mentioned, but the consensus was that no further attributes
should be added to the current draft.

The WG's goals are now to publish one further revision of the Internet Drafts by mid-
September, to complete WG Last Call by early October, and to submit them to IESG mid-
October. The requested RFC status will be:

Architecture, Applicability Statement, SRL
Proposed Standard

New Attributes

Other possible activities for the WG were discussed. There was interest in observing dynamic
behavior of flows, i.e. watching them to determine what 'protocol' was running, for example
being able to recognise RealAudio or IP telephony sessions. This is out of the WG's current
scope; WG members are encouraged to pursue this further on the RTFM mailing list.

Stephen Stibler reported on the IBM meter and RDR, its meter reader program. Interoperability
with the NeTraMet manager programs (e.g. nifty) has been well demonstrated, and plans are
in place for further deployment and testing.

Nevil Brownlee reported on NeTraMet; he has been working on an OC12MON version and
on implementing the ASN attributes in the Unix and PC versions. Nevil gave a presentation
covering NetFlowMet (a NeTraMet meter using Cisco NetFlow data as input) and srl (an
optimizing compiler for SRL).


SRL and NetFlowMet

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