2.1.18 Internet Message Access Protocol Extension (imapext) bof

Current Meeting Report

Discussion of Charter:

Proposed scope for IMAP4 extensions working group

- Access Control Lists (ACL)
- Server sorting
- Server threading
- Message annotations

The base specification is explicitly out-of-scope

BOF Chair - John Myers

Discussion on the Access Control List (ACL) extension:

- issues raised by new things learned from ACAP
- issues raised on the IMAP list


- Identifiers should be in UTF-8 instead of us-ascii -- concensus to proceed.

- Use ACAP model of rights calculations - explicitly mandates of positive rights
minus negative rights
-- concensus to proceed.

- Incorporate ACAP user identifier convention starting with '/' reserved for
ACAP groups
-- concensus to proceed.

- Do not allow tying of rights -- further discussion to the list.

- There are problems with the 'd' right -- further discussion to the list.

- Define an explicit namespace for groups -- further discussion to the list.

- Inheritance of ACL's in a mailbox hierarchy. This needs further definition in the
specification. Further discussion to the list.

- Clarify the intent of the anonymous and anyone magic identifier in the original
specification -- consensus to proceed.

- Big problem with user identifiers where multiple user names bind to a single user
identifier -- further discussion to the list.


What is the cost of maintaining support for external message store representations that
export different access control models - to what level do we want to support this.

Recommendation (Pete Resnik)

- put a platform "profile" section into appendices that give advice on how to map
an external access control model into an ACL.

Discussion on the Server Sort Extension

Current draft of sort extension by Mark Crispin.


1. Internationalization and localization
- this issue potentially affects the base protocol specification.

2. Client specified comparator could be added -- further discussion to the list.

3. Persistency of notification

4. Sidebar discussion on "threading". Comparison of threading to sorting
- Threading is a tree, not an ordering. This is debated with further discussion
to the list.
- Probably requires a different model, at least a different representation.

5. Virtual scrollbars

Discussion on Message Annotation Extension

Expired draft by Chris Newman

- Chris Newman has old work that would change in light of ACAP experience

- Concensus to defer this to the future -- further discussion to the list. BOF would
like this to be added

BOF administration issues:

- BOF feels WG should be formed

- Question on whether to include IL8N/Localization.

- How much to do? Concensus that the working group deal only with the
extensions proposed to date.

- Error msgs?

- Charter bashing -- further discussion to the list


None received

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