2.5.12 General Switch Management Protocol (gsmp) bof

Current Meeting Report

GSMP BOF minutes Tuesday 12/8 IETF 43

The meeting was chaired by Avri Doria and reported on by Fiffi Hellstrand.
The purpose of the BoF was to see if there were any consensus in forming a GSMP working group.

Avri presented the agenda and the goals of the meeting. The agenda included;
- proposed WG charter,
- presentations on GSMPv2.0 and QoS
- implementation discussion

There were no objections to the proposed agenda and meeting goals.


Kenneth Sundell gave the first part of the presentation on the proposed working group objectives. There were no objections or comments on the objectives. Avri Doria then proposed a number of work items, including time schedules.

A version of GSMP protocol document is scheduled for working group last call by 12/99. Several other goals where presented.

There was discussion about the necessity of defining an GSMP MIB as a work item. This was discussed in the sense "do we need a MIB?". While there was a minority opinion on the fact that GSMP did not require a MIB because it was GSMP was self contained in that respect. The consensus of the group, however, was to include a GSMP MIB as a WG work item.

There was discussion on the proposed schedule for the "support of QoS models in GSMP" work item. It was originally listed as being resolved by 4/99. This was felt to be too optimistic. The recommendation was made and accepted to schedule this for 8/99 instead. In order to keep the WG schedule balanced, it was suggested and accepted that the work item "GSMP support for non-ATM label switch", which was originally scheduled for 8/99 be rescheduled for 4/99 since it is expected to be a relatively simple
The consensus of the meeting was to proceed with a request to the routing area AD and the IESG for the formation of a GSMP working group with the proposed charter as amended.


Bilel Jamoussi presented "QoS requirements from MPLS explicit routed paths" He gave a presentation written by Tom Worster, who could not attend the meeting. The presentation outlined the QoS requirements which stem from the CR-LDP I-D.

Peter Newman gave a presentation on GSMPv2.0 and the changes from GSMP V1.1. His presentation focused on the QoS model which was included in GSMP V2.

Parasuram Ranganathan gave a presentation on "a framework for QoS for open control". He presented a model which could be modified for GSMP to allow support of IntServ and DiffServ QoS requirements. He also stated that the model could be adapted to the MPLS traffic engineering requirements.

Parasuram stated that he would post the pointer to the draft on the GSMP mailing list.


There were three brief presentation on implementation work on GSMP which has already been done. Kenneth Sundell presented Ericsson´s experience using GSMP as a component in the MPLS system they are about to release. This system was recently part of an interoperability demo with Nortel and GDC.

Avri Doria gave a brief description of GDC/Revenant's experience of implementing GSMP on a standard ATM switch.

Dr. Andrew Campbell gave a short overview of work being done at Columbia University on the development and experience of qGSMP which is similar to GSMPv2.0, in that it is based on GSMP V1.1 but with the addition of QoS support.


Agenda and Charter
Qos Requirements from Mpls Explicitly Routed Paths
The General Switch Management Protocol GSMP 2.0
A Framework for QoS for Open Control API
GSMPv1.1 Experiences