2.3.3 Frame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 43rd IETF Meeting in Orlando, Florida. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 25-Nov-98


Andy Malis <malis@ascend.com>

Internet Area Director(s):

Jeffrey Burgan <burgan@home.net>
Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>

Internet Area Advisor:

Jeffrey Burgan <burgan@home.net>

Technical Advisor(s):

Fred Baker <fred@cisco.com>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:frs-mib@newbridge.com
To Subscribe: frs-mib-request@newbridge.com

Description of Working Group:

The Frame Relay Service MIB Working Group is chartered to define an initial set of managed objects which will be useful for customer network management of a provider's Frame Relay Service. The working group will consider existing definitions, including the Frame Relay Forum's work in this area. The objects defined by the working group will be consistent with the SNMP framework.

The working group will coordinate with both the Frame Relay Forum and the ATM MIB Working Group.

The working group is chartered to complete four tasks:

a) consider revisions to the existing FRS MIB (currently published as a Proposed Standard in RFC 1604) in light of implementation experience, changes to the interface MIBs (e.g. IF-MIB, DS1-MIB, DS3-MIB, FR-DTE-MIB, creation of the DS0 and DS0 Bundle MIB modules), and evolution of the relevant non-IETF standards,

b) prepare a Recommendation to the Area Director as to the appropriate disposition of the (updated) FRS MIB, i.e. that it be advanced to Draft Standard status or that it cycle at Proposed Status,

c) develop a set of managed objects to provide the instrumentation required to manage switched-virtual circuits in a frame-relay environment.

d) develop a set of managed objects to provide the instrumentation required to manage connections that terminate on a mixture of ATM and Frame Relay interfaces, i.e. interworked connections. These objects will be the minimum necessary to provide the ability to monitor and control interworked connections and shall use existing definitions (e.g. IF-MIB, FRS-MIB, ATM-MIB, etc.) to instrument the interfaces and the "native" parts of the connections.

In all cases, the working group will keep the Frame Relay and ATM Forums informed of its progress and will actively solicit input from those Fora.

All output of the group will be consistent with the existing SNMPv2c framework and standards, including the SNMPv2c Structure of Management Information (SMI).

Goals and Milestones:



Post the initial Internet-Draft for discussion.



Submit the Frame Relay Service MIB to the IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.

Apr 96


Solicit implementation experience for the IWF and SVC cases and 'requirements' for IWF and SVC cases/

Apr 96


Post summary of SVC requirements, issues, and a basic proposal for the structure of the SVC instrumentation.

May 96


Post first draft of RFC1604 update as an Intenet-Draft.

May 96


Post IWF MIB document and SVC MIB document as Internet-Drafts.

Jun 96


Post revised version of RFC1604 update Internet-Draft.

Jun 96


Meet at Montreal IETF to review RFC1604 update document and develop recommendation on advancement.

Jul 96


Submit final version of RFC1604 Internet-Draft to Area Director, requesting Directorate review.

Jul 96


Post revisions of IWF MIB and SVC MIB as Internet-Drafts.

Sep 96


WG Last Call for IWF MIB and SVC MIB.

Sep 96


Submit IWF MIB and SVC MIB Internet-Drafts to Area Director for referral to Directorate.


Request For Comments:







Definitions of Managed Objects for Frame Relay Service

Current Meeting Report

Frame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib) Working Group Minutes
Tuesday, December 8, 1415-1515
Chair: Andrew Malis, Ascend Communications <malis@ascend.com>
Minutes recorded by Ken Rehbehn <krehbehn@visualnetworks.com>
Mail List Discussion: frs-mib@newbridge.com


Andy announced the restarting of the Frame Relay Service MIB Working Group following a one-year period of inactivity. In the near future, the mail list will be moved and an archive shall be created.


Andy reviewed the results from the last meeting held in December 1997. Changes between version 01 and 02 of the Frame Relay Service MIB were reviewed. A new version 03 was planned with the intention of adding new objects in support of the Frame Relay Forum FRF.12 Fragmentation Implementation Agreement (see the discussion about RFC1604 update below). A new SPVC MIB was started with Bill Coutts as editor. A number of other MIBs were pending (DCE SVCs, FR/ATM IWF, Multilink, and FRF.11), however volunteers are needed to make progress.

RFC1604 UPDATE, draft-ietf-frnetmib-frs-mib-02.txt

Version 03 of the FRS MIB was never published and version 02 has expired as an internet draft. The previous editor, David Fowler, has made the MIB available to the new editor, Ken Rehbehn, who will post version 03 as an internet draft. Several new ifIndex alias objects are present in the current text. Ken will work with David to determine the disposition for these items. The new Frame Relay Fragmentation objects will be included in Version 03. The new version of the FRS MIB is expected to be published by January.

SPVC MIB, draft-ietf-frnetmib-spvc-02.txt

Bill Coutts is the SPVC MIB editor. Bill was unable to attend the meeting and Andy presented the status. Frame Relay Soft PVCs (SPVCs) use SVCs to link two PVC endpoints. The concept eases the administrative burden and increases circuit resiliency. The SPVC MIB stores the required cross-connect information at each endpoint. Version 02 of the MIB was published last month. Working group members are asked to review the draft and make comments on the mailing list.

FRAME RELAY TO ATM PVC INTERWORKING MIB, draft-ietf-frnetmib-atmiwf-00.txt

Andy reported that George Mouradian is no longer serving as editor of the FR/ATM PVC Interworking MIB. Ken Rehbehn will take over this task following update of the FRS MIB.

FRAME RELAY DTE SVC MIB, draft-ietf-frnetmib-dte-svc-00.txt

Andy reported that Don Cochrane is prepared to post an updated version of this MIB. This extends the RFC 2115 MIB to support SVCs. The Internet Draft is expected within a month.

FRAME RELAY FRF.9 DATA COMPRESSION MIB, draft-ietf-frnetmib-dcp-02.txt

Andy reported that the old editors have not yet been contacted. The MIB had gone to last call before activity in the group came to a halt. In an attempt to stimulate discussion on the mailing list, the working groupdecided to forward the MIB in its current state to working group last call.


Editors are requested for a DCE SVC MIB and an FRF.11 Voice over Frame Relay MIB. Andy asked that anyone interested on working on these to please contact him.


A new work plan is required. The current work plan on the working group's web page has completion dates for 1996. The chair will propose a new work plan on the mail list.


No participants had topics for the open discussion, and the meeting was adjourned.


Revisions Included in V2