Access, Searching and Indexing of Directories (asid)

Application Configuration Access Protocol (acap)

Application MIB (applmib)

Common Indexing Protocol (find)

Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (ediint)

Extensions to FTP (ftpext)

HyperText Transfer Protocol (http)

Large Scale Multicast Applications (lsma)

MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents (mhtml)

Mail and Directory Management (madman)

Printer MIB (printmib)

Schema Registration (schema)

Uniform Resource Locator Registration Procedures (urlreg)

Uniform Resource Names (urn)

Usenet Article Standard Update (usefor)

AToM MIB (atommib)

DS1/DS3 MIB (trunkmib)

IP Over IEEE 1394 (ip1394)

IP Payload Compression Protocol (ippcp)

Interfaces MIB (ifmib)

PacketWay (pktway)

Service Location Protocol (svrloc)

Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB (hubmib)

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (radius)

SNMP Agent Extensibility (agentx)

The Internet and the Millennium Problem (2000)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (upsmib)

Data Link Switching MIB (dlswmib)

Multicast Extensions to OSPF (mospf)

QoS Routing (qosr)

Routing Information Protocol (rip)

SNA DLC Services MIB (snadlc)

SNA NAU Services MIB (snanau)

Authenticated Firewall Traversal (aft)

Domain Name System Security (dnssec)

One Time Password Authentication (otp)

Secure Shell (secsh)

Simple Public Key Infrastructure (spki)

Transport Layer Security (tls)

Web Transaction Security (wts)

Integrated Services (intserv)

ONC Remote Procedure Call (oncrpc)

Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement (rtfm)