2.8.1 User Services (uswg)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 45th IETF Meeting in Oslo, Norway. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 04-Jun-99


April Marine <april_marine@iengines.net>

User Services Area Director(s):

April Marine <april_marine@iengines.net>

User Services Area Advisor:

April Marine <april_marine@iengines.net>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:uswg@isi.edu
To Subscribe: uswg-request@isi.edu
Archive: ftp://ftp.near.net/mail-archives/us-wg*

Description of Working Group:

The User Services Working Group of the IETF provides a regular forum for people interested in all levels of user services to identify and initiate projects designed to improve the quality of information available to users of the Internet. Actual projects themselves are handled by separate groups, usually through IETF working groups, or through liaisons with international organizations such as TERENA's (Trans-European Research and Education Network Association) Information Services and User Support.

(1) Meet on a regular basis to consider projects designed to improve services to users. In general, projects should:

- Clearly address user assistance needs;

- Produce an end-result (e.g., a document, a program plan, etc.);

- Have a reasonably clear approach to achieving the end-result (with an estimated time for completion); and

- Not duplicate existing or previous efforts.

(2) Create working groups or other focus groups to carry out projects deemed worthy of pursuing.

(3) Provide a forum in which user services providers can discuss and identify common concerns.

This is an active, on-going working group in the USV area of the IETF. It is the spawning ground for establishing other working groups in this area.

No Goals and Milestones

Request For Comments:







F.Y.I. on F.Y.I.: Introduction to the F.Y.I. notes



Answers to Commonly asked ``Experienced Internet User'' Questions



FYI on ``What is the Internet?''



FYI on Questions and Answer Answers to Commonly asked ``New Internet User'' Questions

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the User Services Working Group (USWG)
IETF - Oslo, Norway - July 1999

Recorded by April Marine.

The USWG agenda consisted of the following:
- USV Area Update
- Pending work overview:
- FYI 1 update status
- FYI 17 "Tao of IETF" doc
- FYI 7 update discussion

USV Area Update:

April Marine provided the usual overview of what has been going on in the Area as a whole. The "Don't Spew" anti-spam doc from the RUN working group was passed by the IESG and received became RFC 2635, FYI 35.

The FYI 4 update was also passed, but had not yet received an RFC number at the time of the meeting.

The WEIRD group, which had met as a BOF in Minneapolis, was approved as a WG and had its first meeting as such in Oslo.

The FYIUP (FYI Updates) group, which had also met as a BOF in Minn., was approved as a WG but with only one doc on its agenda, which was the update of FYI 7. There was some discussion on the list as to whether it was worth spinning up a new WG for just this doc, since its companion, FYI 4, was successfully updated in USWG. It was decided to take FYI 7 into USWG (since FYI 4 has been completed) and not to spin up the new WG.

Pending work overview:

The FYI 1 update has been pending for awhile. It was held up waiting for FYI 4 to be published, which has been done. But FYI 1 also states that different documents will or won't be updated and that is iffy for at least one document, so we discussed that a bit. The suggestion was simply to note whether a document is out of date and not to worry about any statement of intent to update. Such changes can be noted in future iterations of the FYI. That is April's action.

FYI 17 is the "Tao of the IETF," which was never really written within a WG, but is an FYI and does need updating. One of the questions was which WG should do the work? It seemed to fit fine into both WEIRD and USWG. Or a new WG could be spun up or it could be incorporated into FYIUP. Since the work did overlap a few groups, we decided to keep it in USWG for now. Volunteers were Chris, Gary, Steve and April.

FYI 7 discussion:

The bulk of the meeting was spent in detailed discussion of how to update FYI 7. FYI 7 is the "Experienced Internet User FAQ". Ray Plzak lead the discussion and will act as chief editor. The goals are to keep the document as brief as possible with the questions included as broad as possible. Specific sections and questions were discussed. Ray and April will come up with an outline and ask for help with specific sections.


None received.