2.1.11 Common Name Resolution Protocol (cnrp) bof

Current Meeting Report

Monday, July 12 at 1300-1500

Chair: Leslie Daigle
Minutes: Roland Hedberg

The meeting was focused on getting agreement on the charter. Leslie Daigle introduced the charter.

The group confirmed that the primary intent for CNRP and common names was for human consumption and use, rather than for automated applications.

On the other hand, the group consensus was that we could and should define a URI scheme to carry CNRP names (that is produce something clickable).

Nico Popp presented the draft-ietf-popp-cnrp document.

After this the following points where discussed:

CNRP should deal with two kinds of parameters, one relates to the query and the other for managing the query.
- The second kind should be only a small number but standardized.

The data in a CN database must be very organized. (implicit in the model)

What sort of number of namespaces ?
- One namespace per category, or a namespace database for finding server(s) to use for a specific namespace?
- How many do you expect to look at, is a better question ?
- Does the protocol allow you to organize namespaces hierarchically ?

Vertical organization.
- No a priori assumption of how many namespace there will be, probably more than you will easily remember.
- The CNRP can be used recursively !

Billing, registration and business models.
- Strictly look-up does not deal with who and how one should be able to access the service, therefore most issues of billing, etc, are not addressed.

Public and private name spaces, naming of namespaces.
- Different services within the same namespace might register different names within the namespace.
- Two problem areas with regard to namespaces:
- DNS namespace problem
- namespace of namespaces problem
- You must be able to differentiate between different service providers for the same namespace.

Usage for URN resolution?
- The answer from the attendees was - NO

The conclusion of the meeting was:

No one opposed to doing the work as described.
10-12 people raised their hands in support of doing the work, so we'll move forward in trying to get the WG chartered.

The revised charter will be circulated to the list.


CNRP Goals