2.2.1 Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (aaa)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 45th IETF Meeting in Oslo, Norway. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 15-Jun-99


Brian Lloyd <brian@lloyd.com>
Paul Krumviede <Paul@mci.net>

General Area Director(s):

Fred Baker <fred@cisco.com>

General Area Advisor:

Fred Baker <fred@cisco.com>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:aaa-wg@merit.edu
To Subscribe: majordomo@merit.edu
In Body: subscribe aaa-wg
Archive: http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/html/aaa-wg/

Description of Working Group:

The Authentication, Authorization and Accounting working group will focus on the specification of a general Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting architecture for the Internet. The purpose behind this is to create a set of base protocols applicable to a number of specific AAA applications. These include at least IP Telephony, SS7 AAA, Bandwidth Broker AAA, and Network Access Server AAA. By creating an architecture and set of base protocols, the amount of work to create specific AAA protocols will be reduced.

The list of target applications implies a strong interaction with many areas of IETF activity, which is the justification for doing this work in the General Area. The working group will dialog specifically with the Application, Transport, and Security Areas, and others as needed, to achieve its objectives.

The problem space for a general AAA working group contains work in:

- determining the current set of specific applications that the AAA will service;

- documenting requirements for a base AAA architecture;

- identifying the capabilities and limitations of protocols currently used to represent and transport AAA information, e.g. RADIUS, Diameter, COPS, etc.;

- selecting a transport protocol or set of transport protocols to be used by a general AAA protocol based on the requirements,

- selecting the framework for the AAA protocols;

- specifying the AAA architecture and nature of the implied protocols;

- specifying the data formats for information contained in the AAA protocol information for authentication, authorization, and accounting;

- identify the relationship and interaction between Policy and Authorization.

The first step in this working group is to determine the requirements for the AAA architecture, and probable uses of that architecture. Once the requirements have been documented, the working group will be rechartered to implement to those requirements. A close second is to consider proposals of base protocols; ideally, the working group should be able to finalize requirements and review proposals during its second meeting.

The working group will target the use of TCP and defined procedures on UDP. When a transaction transport protocol has been developed elsewhere in the IETF, the working group will consider changing from TCP and UDP to that protocol.

Goals and Milestones:

Apr 99


Publish AAA Applications (to be an Informational RFC) as an Internet Draft

Apr 99


Submit Authentication Requirements initial Internet-Draft

Apr 99


Submit Authorization Requirements initial Internet-Draft

Apr 99


Submit Accounting Requirements initial Internet-Draft

Jun 99


AAA Base protocol proposals documented as Internet-Drafts

Aug 99


Submit AAA Base Protocol Framework Working Group as Internet-Draft

Aug 99


Submit AAA Applications to IESG for publication as an Informational RFC

Aug 99


Submit AAA Requirements to to IESG for publication as an Informational RFC

Sep 99


Revision of charter to include statement of work regarding specific protocols and data formats.

Oct 99


Submit AAA Base Protocol(s) Specification as an Internet-Draft


No Request For Comments

Current Meeting Report

Wednesday Meeting Minutes

Open about 5 minutes late

Paul reitterated that this is not a protocol WG and that discussion of Diameter vs. COPS is not appropriate

Paul spoke about what and why things are behind schedule

John Volbrecht presented the work of the authorization subgroup

Alex Latzko presented the work of the authentication subgroup (himself)

Nevil Brownlee presente the work of the accounting subgroup

Charlie Perkins presented the AAA needs of Mobil IP

Betty de Bruijn preseneted the relationship between AAA and existing e-commerce systems

Steven Bakker presented AAA considerations for middleware

Leon Gommans presented how Bandwidth Broker fit into the AAA model

The program ran until 1740 (ten minutes over time)


Examples of Bandwidth Broker type environments described in Authorization Architecture Concepts
Content/Application AAA Requirements
AAA Accounting Subgroup Report