1.1. The Director's Message


The IETF traveled down under for the first IETF meeting of the new century. The 47th meeting of the IETF was held in Adelaide, South Australia from March 26 - 31, 2000.

There were just over 1400 attendees at this meeting The split between non-US and US attendees was about even, which is typical for non-North American meetings.

Plenary Presentations

The plenary session opened with a humorous video provided by (or acquired from) the WAP forum, setting the stage for the Third Generation Wireless technical presentations scheduled for later. Following the video, Fred gave some opening comments and conveyance of thanks to those who made the 47th IETF meeting a success.

Owen Sullivan opened the sessions with a WAP Overview. This was followed by a presentation on

I-Mode Service Technology by Hiroshi Inamura and Max Hata. The final presentation was IP experience and issues, presented by David Partain and Lars Westberg.

New IESG and IAB members

Prior to the Adelaide IETF, Avri Doria, chair of the IETF/IAB Nominations Committee, announced the new members of the IESG and IAB, who assumed their duties following the Wednesday evening Open Plenary session. Outgoing IAB Chair Brian Carpenter, with obvious pleasure and a spring in his step, bounded across the platform to thank John Klensin for assuming the role. Brian then shared his email filters with the rest of the plenary attendees, something he's been wanting to do for the past five years!

The current members of the IESG are:

Fred Baker

IETF Chair

Scott Bradner


Randy Bush

Operations and Management

Rob Coltun


Ned Freed


Patrik Faltstrom


Marcus Leech


Allison Mankin


April Marine

User Services

Thomas Narten


Erik Nordmark


David Oran


Jeff Schiller


Bert Wijnen

Operations and Management

The current members of the IAB are:

John Klensin - Chair

Harald Alvestrand

Ran Atkinson

Rob Austein

Steve Bellovin

Brian Carpenter

Jon Crowcroft

Leslie Daigle

Steve Deering

Tony Hain

Geoff Huston

Henning Schulzrinne

With gratitude and appreciation

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Keith Moore and Vern Paxson for

their service to the IETF community as members of the IESG. Thanks and appreciation also go to Ned Freed and Tim Howes for their service to the community as members of the IAB.


I would like to thank Connect.com.au for hosting this meeting of the IETF, and for providing the terminal room facilities. I would especially like to recognize the efforts of Mark Prior of Connect and Simon Coppins of EDS, and the other volunteers who worked around the clock to support the attendees

The configuration of the terminal room facilities depends a great deal on the generosity of equipment vendors and service providers, and I want to thank the following organizations for their contributions and assistance:


Sun Microsystems

Cisco Systems

Open Systems

Integrity Data



Network Appliance

Upcoming Meetings

After traveling down under for the first meeting of the new century, the IETF returns "up over" to attend the summer 2000 meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, closing out the year in San Diego during the month of December, 2000.

The IETF returns to Minneapolis for the first meeting of the year, and then travels to Europe for the summer 2001 meeting. For information about future meetings, visit the IETF Web Page. Our URL is


Final note to Randy Stewart, James Polk, Chris Burke, and the other members of the T-Shirt BoF:

I will remember: It's only a T-shirt!

Steve <scoya@ietf.org>