2.1.13 An Application Protocol Framework & A Model Application (blocks) BOF

Current Meeting Report

Notetaker: Marshall Rose

Marshall Rose presented an overview of problems in application protocol design, corresponding largely to drafts-mrose-blocks-appldesign-01. There was some discussion as to the focus of the problem domain (e.g., could IIOP be suitable as solution for a large class of internet-style application protocols). Of the various mechanisms described (framing, encoding, reply codes, multiplexing, authentication, and privacy), most of the conversation revolved around the use of reply codes. Issues discussed included: IMAP's use of error tokens and localized strings, webdav's use of error entity datatyping, overloading of reply code semantics (operation result v. state change), ambiguity in diagnostic target (end user, administrator, programmer).

Marshall Rose presented an overview of application protocol design principles.

David Crocker presented the BXXP framework relating it to the taxonomy discussed earlier. There was considerable discussion about the use of multiplexing at the application layer, and whether there could be undesirable interactions with transport layer flow control.

Bob Morgan presented the SASL framework and TLS, discussing their history and use in application protocols.

A lively discussion was had by all.