2.3.2 Dynamic Host Configuration (dhc)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 47th IETF Meeting in Adelaide, Australia. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 29-Feb-00


Ralph Droms <droms@bucknell.edu>

Internet Area Director(s):

Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>
Erik Nordmark <nordmark@eng.sun.com>

Internet Area Advisor:

Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>

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General Discussion:dhcp-v4@bucknell.edu
To Subscribe: listserv@bucknell.edu
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Description of Working Group:

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A separate mailing list is used for discussing the IPv6 version of dhcp: dhcp-v6@bucknell.edu.

This working group has developed DHCP for automated allocation, configuration and management of IP addresses and TCP/IP protocol stack parameters. DHCP is currently a "Draft Standard" (RFC2131, RFC2132). The working group now has four main objectives:

* Revise and submit the DHCP specification for acceptance as a Full Standard

* Develop a roadmap for the review and acceptance of new options, define a new option syntax, develop an accurate list of assigned option codes and identify option codes that can be safely reassigned

* Develop a specification for DHCP for IPv6

* Develop an inter-server communication for coordination of multiple servers

* Review new options for DHCP, as deemed appropriate by the working group chair and/or the Internet area directors; specific options currently under review in the working group include:

o Mechanisms for the authentication of clients and servers

o Interaction between DHCP and DNS dynamic update protocol

o Definition of a DHCP MIB for management of DHCP servers through SNMP

o Definition of an LDAP schema to provide a standardized format for the storage and retrieval of DHCP information, primarily configuration and lease data; this schema will be developed in coordination with the Policy Frameworks Working Group as appropriate.

o Options through which DHCP relay agents can pass information to DHCP servers

o Other options: user class, server selection, domain search

Goals and Milestones:

Jun 99


Submit Internet-Draft on subnet selection option in time for Oslo IETF

Jun 99


Submit Internet-Draft on DAP schema for DHCP in time for Oslo IETF

Jun 99


Submit Internet-Draft on DHCP authentication in time for Oslo IETF

Jun 99


Submit Internet-Draft on failover protocol in time for Oslo IETF

Jun 99


Submit Internet-Draft on relay agent options in time for Oslo IETF

Jun 99


Submit Internet-Draft on DHCP-DNS interaction in time for Oslo IETF

Jul 99


Submit Internet-Draft on DHCP authentication for WG last call

Jul 99


Develop plan for review of DHCP specification and acceptance as Internet Standard.

Sep 99


Submit DHCP server MIB specification for WG last call

Sep 99


Submit subnet selection option specification for WG Last Call

Nov 99


Submit DHCP server MIB specification for IESG consideration as a Proposed Standard

Nov 99


Submit LDAP schema specification for WG last call

Mar 00


Submit LDAP schema specification to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.


Request For Comments:







Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP



Clarifications and Extensions for the Bootstrap Protocol



DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions



Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol



DHCP Options for Novell Directory Services



Netware/IP Domain Name and Information



DHCP Option for The Open Group's User Authentication Protocol



Procedure for Defining New DHCP Options



DHCP Options for Service Location Protocol

Current Meeting Report

Use of DHCP for configuration of IPSEC tunnel mode

Bernard Aboba


Aboba presented draft-ietf-ipsec-dhcp-04.txt describing use of DHCP for client configuration through a VPN tunnel. Aboba requested WG input on format and contents of chaddr and client identifier in IPSEC tunnel mode.

Use of DHCP for configuring multicast DNS behavior

Bernard Aboba


This work has been moved to DNSEXT.

DHCP Next Server Option

Mike Borella


This option, specified in draft-ietf-dhc-nextserver-02.txt, is a generic option that can carry multiple servers; the first two servers, as defined in this draft, are RSIP and DHCP.

DHCP authentication

Ralph Droms


WG approved WG last call for draft-ietf-dhc-authentication-12.txt after minor editorial changes, including clarification that protocols 0 and 1 do not address inter-domain roaming but other protocols in the framework may support inter-domain romaing. Stuart Cheshire will provide input about modifications to protocol 1 to accommodate inter-domain roaming.

Domain search option

Ralph Droms


Ted Lemon/Pratik Gupta will manage this draft. The current draft needs technical decision on the encoding format (perhaps change to "DNS wire format"?) and may need additional editorial changes. Ted and Pratik will exchange drafts and produce a new revision.

Requirements for Extending DHCP into New Environments

Subir Das


Droms will initiate conversation about how to proceed on mailing list.

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Requirements for Roaming Nodes using DHCP

Subir Das


Droms will initiate conversation about how to proceed on mailing list.

Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-local Addresses

Automatically Choosing an IP Address in an Ad-Hoc IPv4 Network

Stuart Cheshire, Ralph Droms


The WG suggested that Cheshire submit his draft as an independent submission for review by zeroconf and dhc WGs.

DHCP reconfigure option

P.De Schrijver


draft-ietf-dhc-pv4-reconfigure-00.txt is ready for WG last call.

Classless Static Routes option

Ted Lemon


Ted will publish revision based on input from Bernard Aboba. The revised draft will be ready for WG last call

Report on Failover protocol

Ralph Droms (for Kim Kinnear)


The authors of the failover protocol draft held a phone conference on December 7. Results of that phone conference have been incorporated into the most recent revision of the specification, draft-ietf-dhc-failover-06.txt. Another conference call will take place and a new revision of the specification will be published prior to the next WG meeting in Pittsburgh.

Interaction between DHCP and DNS

Ted Lemon


The current draft reflects the specification for DHCP-DNS interaction using a new DHCP option and a new DHCP RR. There was a suggestion from the WG to split the specification into four documents:

1) specification of the new DHCP option

2) specification of the new DHCP RR

3) semantics for use of the DHCP RR

4) policies for resolving name conflicts

Droms will raise issue of splitting with draft with the author of the draft, Mark Stapp.

DHCP lease query

Rich Woundy


Woundy presented a new option that can be used by relay agent to determine client harware address and link attachment point. The purpose of the option is to avoid use of ARP in reconstruction of forwarding tables in a relay agent if the relay agent loses that information. The WG suggested considering SNMP or LDAP as alternatives to this new option. The WG agreed to take on the new option as WG action item.

DHCP Option for PacketCable VoIP Client Configuration

Burcak Beser


This new option is used to hand out different configurations behind one IP address. The author will ask for review on WG mailing list.

Guidelines and new format for DHCP options

Mike Carney


Carney discussed the latest revision of draft-ietf-dhc-new-options-05.txt. The WG suggested splitting the draft into two docs: a description of guidelines for new options and a new syntax for options. Carney will consider this suggestion.