2.3.5 IP over Cable Data Network (ipcdn)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 47th IETF Meeting in Adelaide, Australia. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 03-Feb-00


Mike St. Johns <stjohns@corp.home.net>
Masuma Ahmed <masuma.ahmed@lmco.com>

Internet Area Director(s):

Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>
Erik Nordmark <nordmark@eng.sun.com>

Internet Area Advisor:

Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:ipcdn@terayon.com
To Subscribe: ipcdn-request@terayon.com
Archive: ftp://ftp.terayon.com/pub/ipcdn

Description of Working Group:

The IETF IPCDN Working Group develops and standardizes SNMP MIBs for IP-capable data-over-cable systems, for example cable modems and associated cable-data equipment in a Headend. These MIBs cover not only cable data interfaces, but also management of cable-data equipment and systems.

The WG is also a forum for discussion of Internet-related issues in data-over-cable equipment and systems. In the event of a particular new Internet technology issue arising in the cable-data context, the WG will identify whether that is best handled within the IETF or is best handled by another standards body. In the event that new IETF work is identified, such items MAY be added that to the WG's charter, subject to normal IETF processes. Standardisation of MIBs for the EuroModem cable modem is within the scope of the IPCDN Working Group. Harmonisation of EuroModem MIBs and DOCSIS MIBs is desirable and will be examined by the IPCDN WG.

The IPCDN WG will also keep informed on what other groups in the industry are doing as it relates to the work of this working group.

Related groups:

The IEEE 802.14 WG was chartered to specify the physical layer and data link layer protocols for the CATV Data Network. The IEEE has discontinued the IEEE 802.14 effort, so that group no longer exists.

DOCSIS has completed its 1.0 versions of Data over Cable standards and is in the process of refining these standards to add additional functionality and to repair any flaws discovered in operational use. The IPCDN WG will update the documents produced which track the 1.0 versions accordingly. These include the RF Interface MIB and the Cable Device MIB. In addition, the operational and management issues of multicast over a Cable Data Network will be addressed.

Work items:

The IPCDN WG will address issues related to network management, especially as they concern HFC access networks. It is expected that other services (i.e. RSVP, IPSEC, etc.) will operate mostly unmodified.

- a MIB for managing the Telephone Modem Return Path (Telco Return) for 1-way cable modems. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-tri-mib-01.txt)

- a MIB for managing the Baseline Privacy system for DOCSIS. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-bpi-mib-01.txt), (draft-ietf-ipcdn-bpiplus-mib-00.txt)

- a MIB for managing the Quality of Service parameters for a Cable Data Network. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-qos-mib-02.txt)

- a MIB for managing Multicast (IGMP) over a Cable Data Network. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-igmp-mib-00.txt)

- a MIB for CMTS based customer management (draft-ietf-ipcdn-subscriber-mib-00.txt)

- Revisions to the Proposed Standard RF and CM MIBs to address SNMPv3 and IPv6 compliance and interoperability issues.

Goals and Milestones:

Feb 00


Post final I-D on Baseline Privacy MIB; Last call

Feb 00


Post I-Ds revising RF and CM MIBs to support DOCSIS1.1 and for compliance with SNMPv3 and IPv6

Feb 00


Submit Baseline Privacy MIB to IESG for publication as a Standards Track RFC

Feb 00


Submit updated RF and CM MIBs to IESG with implementation statement for advancement to Draft Standard

Jun 00


Revaluate charter and milestones.


Request For Comments:







Cable Device Management Information Base for DOCSIS compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems



Radio Frequency (RF) Interface Management Information Base for MCNS/DOCSIS compliant RF interfaces

Current Meeting Report

Working group: IP Over Cable Data Networks (IPCDN)
Chair: Michael StJohns, Excite@Home

The working group met for about 90 minutes to review current work and to resolve some issues related to the current standards track MIBs.

The chair presented the proposed changes to RFC2669 and 2670 to bring them into compliance with IPv6 and SNMPv3 requirements (see the attached presentation). The working group has an action item to nominate specific objects within the RF Interface MIB to become Counter64 by the end of next week. The revisions will be posted as IDs within the next week after that.

The chair proxied for Wilson Sawyer of Arris and presented a description of the intent of the new subscriber management MIB. A new version has been submitted to the ID editor and will go through WG last call two weeks after its published. The chair will ask the area director to assign a MIB doctor as part of the standards submission process.

Rich Woundy discussed the current status of the BPI (Baseline Privacy) MIB. After discussion, the working group agreed this should be submitted as Informational/Historical as it documents a branch no longer being developed, but which has been implemented. The BPI+ MIB has been submitted as an internet draft and will be put through the WG last call process within the next 3 weeks.

At the last meeting, Rich and Andrew Valentine agreed to go off and evaluate whether or not the EuroModem MIBs and the IPCDN MIBs could be harmonized. Rich and Andrew presented their results and a discussion of possible approches for harmonization. The working group agreed to accept the EuroModem MIBs as work items and Andrew will resubmit the current IDs as draft-ietf-ipcdn-... documents. The chair will submit a revised charter within the next month which covers the EuroModem work.

Rich gave a brief presentation on some work he's done in DHCP for third parties to verify MAC/IP bindings. This work will not be added to the WGs table, but will be submitted to the DHCP WG or area for advancement. The WG will monitor the work and its applicability on CMs, but does not expect an major effects on the WG's work.

The chair led a brief discussion of other items on the charter. The Telco Return MIB was submitted several years ago, but was allowed to lapse due to lack of interest or implementation desire. Due to the renewed interest, as well as more experience with Telco Return, the author will resubmit the ID for WG discussion and possible adoption as a work item. The QOS MIB is current, but there's been a lack of discussion or interest in the MIB. The chair will try and rekindle discussion on the MIB or drive it to closure or removal from consideration depending on WG consensus.


IPCDN WG 5/2/00
DHC Working Group
IPCDN WG 6/7/00