2.3.12 IP Over Optical (ipo) BOF

Current Meeting Report

Minutes, IP over Optical (ipo) BOF

Monday, March 27, 2000, 1530 - 1730


Jim Luciani, jluciani@tollbridgetech.com

Andy Malis, amalis@lucent.com

Minutes by Matt Holdrege

Jim presented the agenda. There were more than 20 requests for presentations; of which, only 11 could fit. Apologies to those whose requests could not be accommodated!

The goal today is to decide whether to form a WG based in part on ideas presented. A non-goal today is to delve into technical detail of presentations. Time is very short and questions must be held until the end.

In all cases below, only a basic summary of each presentation is included. The presentations will be in the proceedings, plus available online at http://www.bell-labs.com/mailing-lists/ip-optical/.

1. Control of Lightpaths in an Optical Network


Jennifer Yates


Support optical services, see draft-mcadams-lightpath-attributes-00.txt

Distributed optical network control required


Leverage functionality from IP

Key: IP router is responsible for all optical networking functions

Each link uses one lambda as default routed Lightpath for control traffic

Soft-state: All Network state is soft.

2. Lightpath attributes and related service definitions


Jennifer Yates

This draft is from an OIF work in progress.

3. Signalling Framework for Automated Establishment and Restoration of Paths in Optical Mesh Networks


Debanjan Saha

Major areas discussed:

- Dynamic provisioning of Lightpaths

- Protection and restoration of Lightpaths

- Dynamic topology discovery

Identify requirements

Develop hierarchical model

Topology discovery and routing

4. Framework Document


Bala Rajagopalan


Develop understanding of issues

Define requirements

Describe architecture

Develop guidelines

Each company has it's own restoration plans. We need a framework which will allow for them all.


Greg Bernstein

This was an introduction into the OSDI work. See http://www.odsi-coalition.com for further details.

6. Optical Performance Monitoring


John Drake

(see slides)

Reviewed performance characteristics with emphasis on the measurement in the analog photonic space.

7. Requirements for adding Optical switch support to GSMP


Avri Doria

The GSMP WG is looking for input into how it can augment GSMP to control optical cross-connects.

8. An architecture for MPLS control plane for Switched Optical Networks


Steven Shew & Murali Krishnaswamy

Discussed optical control plane signaling requirements and extensions to MPLS signaling to support them.

9. Extensions to OSPF/IS-IS for Optical Routing


Don Fedyk

Discussed optical control plane routing requirements and extensions to OSPF & IS-IS to support them.

10. Fast Liveness Protocol


Hal Sandick

Gave a quick introduction for the fickle BOF on Friday.

11. Policy for IPO

Kwok Chan and Fran Reichmeyer (no draft)

Description of COPS and how it may be used in IPO.

12. Charter Discussion

Andy Malis

The intention is not to duplicate work going on in any other IETF groups, or elsewhere. There was a question regarding duplication with OIF and ODSI. Again, duplication is not intended. It was asked what relation this has to do with IP, since the IETF's main interest is IP. There is a lot of precedence with the IETF being involved with defining IP over lower layers such as ATM.

Proposed work items:

- IP over Optical Framework Document

- IP to Optical Interface Specification (based on ODSI?)

- Requirements for MPLS Lambda Switching signaling extensions

- Requirements for Optical-related extensions to OSPF and ISIS

- Requirements for Optical extensions to GSMP

- Other possible RFCs based upon Framework Document contents

It was asked how we should discuss constraints of transparent objects. The chairs will take this into account.

It was noted that OIF has an architecture document and a signaling working group that is active in this space.

Someone said that we shouldn't define what others are working on in a charter. The proposed work items are a good idea, but the charter should be reworded.

The group expressed active interest in forming a working group. The chairs will work on rewording the charter and refining the list of work items based on the discussion.


Fast LIveness Protocol FLIP
Requirements for adding Optical Switch Support to GSMP
Requirements for Optical Channel Connection Setup
Performance Monitoring in Photonic Networks
Policy For IPO