2.4.11 IP over Optical (ipo) bof

Current Meeting Report

IPO BOF Minutes Reported by Bilel Jamoussi
IETF Pittsburg 7/31/2000 9:00-11:30

The IPO BOF presentations can be viewed at:

1. Jim Luciani, Administrivia:

Jim Luciani introduced the other two co-chairs Andy Malis, and Dan Awduche. He also introduced the agenda for this session. It's another BOF as opposed to a WG because the charter is going through final review.

Andy Malis requested that all overheads presented be sent to him for online publication.

2. Bala Rajagopalan, Tellium, "IP over Optical Networks - A Framework", draft-many-ip-optical-framework-01.txt

Additional work is needed to this draft (e.g., end-2-end restoration).

Jim Luciani mentioned that when the WG is chartered, this draft becomes the basis for the framework document.

What about security? - Jim Luciani asked to hold questions till end of session.

3. Bala Rajagopalan, Tellium, "Signaling Requirements at the Optical UNI", draft-bala-mpls-optical-uni-signaling-00.txt

Work going in parallel at the OIF for requirements. Protocol extensions to CR-LDP and RSVP-TE will be done at the IETF.

If UNI is implemented outside the network elements (e.g., reside in network management), the work may not take place in the IETF since it does not affect IETF protocols.

Trying to synchronize work and terminology between OIF and IETF.

4. Yangguang Xu, Lucent, "LDP Extensions for Optical User Network Interface (O-UNI) Signaling", draft-aboulmagd-mpls-ldp-optical-uni-00.txt,

This draft is introduced as a companion contribution to previous draft on UNI requirements.

5. Angela Chiu, AT&T, "Unique Features and Requirements for The Optical Layer Control Plane", draft-chiu-strand-unique-OLCP-00.txt

Service requirements being defined by OIF and will be communicated to IETF.

Jim Luciani asked to please consider the following 2 points: 1) non-linear effects for long reach systems and 2) end-2-end transparent networks. Inclusion of this draft in the framework can be discussed but would likely stand as its own document.

6. Guo, Dan et al., "Extensions to RSVP-TE for Bi-directional Optical Path Setup", draft-sorrento-rsvp-bi-osp-oo.txt

7. Emmanuel Desmet and Olivier Duroyon, Alcatel, "Triggering and advertising lightpaths in an IP over optical network", draft-duroyon-te-ip-optical-00.txt

8. George Newsome, "Carrier needs regarding survivability and maintenance of switched optical networks", draft-hayata-ipo-carrier-needs-00.txt

Jim Luciani requested that the authors come up with a method to quantify "large failure areas" described in the draft in such a way that one could calculate SRLG paths with a given probabilty of no more than a single failure.

9. Osama Aboul-Magd, Nortel Networks, Automatically Switched Optical Networks (ASON)

G.ASON Architecture document describes the Automatically Switched Optical Networks. ASON includes UNI, NNI,

Support IETF work and request exchange of ideas and work.

Abstract of G.ASON outlines the expectations between user and ASON.

10. Kireeti Kompella, Juniper, summary of current MP-Lambda-S work

MP(lambda)S is extensions to MPLS, generalized label concept, not specific to optical; several presentations at the MPLS WG.

No slides; Have been doing work in MPLS WG; extensions to MPLS; similar requirements are being discussed in MPLS WG; it's more than lambda also SONET/SDH etc.

11. Jonathan Lang, Calient, Link Management Protocol (LMP), draft-lang-mpls-lmp-01.txt

12. Andy Malis, Charter discussion, Remainder of time



Dave Oran:

Discussion among WG Chairs in Routing Area
Need to rapidly move in parallel; how to structure work to avoid duplication and re-work of too specialized.

Mailing list: routing-discussion@ietf.org

Direction for charter work of IPO.

Andy Malis:

Summarized discussion on mailing list re Charter by Bala Rajagopalan and Kireeti Kompella.
Kireeti Kompella: Not sure IETF should get in L1 work.
Rob: Document existing practices as opposed to invent new framing.

Optical UNI that's simpler than MP(Lambda)S. OIF and ODSI already working in this area.
UNI work is pragmatic to get a specification quicker.

Discussion on what should go in IPO vs MPLS. WG Chairs and ADs are working on this issue.

Plan on cooperating with ITU, T1/X1, OIF, ODSI, and other WG within the IETF, etc to avoid duplication and ensure consistency.

George Swallow:
UNI needs to be a subset of other protocol work taking place. Need to work out objects in one place.

Andy Malis: Meeting Adjourned 11:25.


IP over Optical Networks - A Framework
WG Charter and Milestones
LDP Extensions for Optical UNI
Triggering and Advertising Lightpaths in an IP over Optical Network
Unique Features and Requirements for the Optical Layer Control Plane
Carrier Needs Regarding Survivability and Maintenance for Switched Optical Networks
Extensions to RSVP - TE for Bi-Directional Optical Path Setup