2.5.12 IP over Optical WG (ipo)

Current Meeting Report

IP over Optical BOF (ipo) Minutes

Friday, December 15 at 0900-1130

CHAIRS: Andy Malis <Andy.Malis@vivacenetworks.com>
Jim Luciani <jluciani@tollbridgetech.com>
Daniel Awduche <awduche@movaz.com>

Andy Malis started the session by giving the reason why the IPO is not a WG yet, and that it is related the IESG reorganization of many WGs. So the IESG was late in approving the session. The charter and drafts and chairs are subject to change. IPO is currently operating under the Nov 22 draft charter. IPO can ask the consensus for WG documents, but the final decision won't be made until we become a WG.


- draft-many-ip-optical-framework-01.txt (IP over optical networks, a framework) was presented by Bala Rajagopalan, and future work was mentioned. He proposed to make it a WG draft and Andy asked for consensus. There was one question that was raised of its dependency on the charter and Andy suggested that we can check consensus but have to wait for IESG. Another person asked what about any other framework draft, and Jim Luciani mentioned that we already have a thick document. The consensus of the WG was to accept this draft.

- draft-bala-mpls-optical-uni-signaling-00.txt (Signaling requirement at the optical UNI) was presented by Bala Rajagopalan. Curtis Villamizar mentioned that he thinks this work is like NHRP, and the author mentioned that we are all in sync but use different words to explain it. Again one participant mentioned how can we reach to consensus without charter, which was answered by chair that we will revisit it in future after new charter, another person asked that this work has been presented in other WGs too, but the chairs mentioned that we just want to get general feeling of this WG. Another person asked about restoration and the chairs mentioned that we won't work on restoration, after a hum the general consensus was not clear and was decided to leave the consensus to the WG list.

- draft-chiu-strand-unique-OLCP-00.txt was presented by Angela Chiu. Curtis raised some technical issues that were answered by Angela. A question was asked that many of these concepts are vendor specific, and Angela said she would welcome the comments. Kireeti Kompella said that he would like to see a smaller set of the parameters be advertised, which was agreed. Daniel Awduche asked if Angela has considered composition of the parameters, and abstracted and she said she is considering. This document was accepted as WG document.

- draft-many-carrier-framework-uni-00.txt, was presented by Yong Xeu. This draft has been presented to ITU SG13, ITU G.Ason, and OIF. Questions: we have to clear up that service type is the user service or the nature of the path. Also mentioned that GMPLS can provide NNI. Angela, Raj Jain and one of the chairs asked some more technical questions.

- Darren Freeland, Optical Control Requirements. It was suggested and agreed to include parts of this draft in the draft-many-carrier-framework-uni-00.txt. Questions: is this BT's view only, the answer is yes, and it was mentioned that they welcome comments from other carriers. Many commented that some of the requirements unnecessarily restrict the protocols.

- draft-xu-mpls-ipo-gmpls-arch-00.txt, was presented by Yangguang Xu. The author mentioned that this work belongs to CCAMP.

- Dimitri Papadimitriou, draft-papadimitriou-onni-frame-00.txt. This draft tries to achieve a convergence between IETF and OIF work. They propose to keep for the NNI signaling the general technology independent parts in the CCAMP WG and the technology dependent parts in this WG, which was agreed. The objective is to provide an optical NNI signaling WG document as proposed by the OIF for the UNI signaling

- Dimitri Papadimitriou, draft-papadimitriou-enhanced-lsps-00.txt. It was asked why do you need COS when there is no queuing, the authors responded that COS is used for path selection. Another person asked about the COS related to COS. Another question asked what the priority is, is it related to all paths or the paths set by ISP. The author suggested that this draft belongs to CCAMP.

- draft-oduroyon-te-ip-optical-01.txt was presented by Olivier Duroyon. The authors suggest adding a work item to include this draft. They include defining MIBS, PIBs. Fred Baker asked what the meaning of end-to-end is, it was answered it is meant edge-to-edge. Fred also asked what is meant by term "service". A question asked whether the draft supports overlay or peer model, the author answered that this draft supports both.

- Requirements on O-UNI and O-NNI (draft-lin-mpls-ipo-ason-uni-00.txt, draft-lin-mpls-uni-nni-oper-00.txt) were presented by Zhi-Wei Lin.

- High-level requirements for high level mesh restoration, draft-bhandari-optical-restoration-00.txt, was presented by Ramesh Bhandari. This draft is approved by ITU. The question was asked whether alternate paths MUST be physically disjoint.

- Nasir Ghani presented IP over optical mesh rings (draft-guo-mesh-ring-optical-00).

Closing remark given by Daniel: He thanked all contributors. He reiterated that the charter is under construction. IPO will do the framework, requirements and characteristics, and the CCAMP WG will work on the architecture protocols. In other words IPO gives input to CCAMP. We try to reuse commonalities and reduce duplications. It was asked that the focus is IP over optical or the use of IP as a control protocol and it was cleared that the focus of the WG is both.


Agenda Part 1
Unique Features and Requirements for The Optical Layer Control Plane
G-LSP Service Model Framework in an G-MPLS Network
Considerations on the Development of an Optical Control Plane
Requirements on the O-UNI
UNI & NNI Operations & Parameters
Agenda Part 2
An RTP Payload Format for EVRC Speech
Signaling Requirements at the Optical UNI
Carriers Service Framework and Associated UNI Requirements
G-MPLS Architecture for ASTN
Optical-NNI Framework and Signaling Requirements
Enhanced LSP Services