2.1.22 Presence and Instant Messaging Protocol BOF (prim)

Current Meeting Report

Presence and Instant Messaging Protocol BOF (PRIM)
Monday, December 11 at 1530-1630

CHAIR: Athanassios Diacakis <thanos@networkprojects.com>
MORE INFO (slides & charter) available at: http://www.networkprojects/prim/

o Agenda overview (Diacakis)

o Florencio Mazzoldi presents report on first PRIM draft

- Brief history of PRIM
- PRIM philosophy
- Current PRIM status
- CPIM relation

o Hiroyasu Sugano disucsses open issues

- Mutliple UAs
- Data update granularity
- Handling of large data
- UA authentication for both services
- More flexible server authentication
- UA capability/version advertisement/negotiation
- AStrength header

o Summary of presentation so far (Diacakis)

o Working group charter presented
- Available at URL above

o Discussion

Q: Does PRIM deal with billing or similar issues
A: Not in RFC2779

Q: First bullet point of charter: might be misleading.
A: Will edit to fix.

* Built from the ground up to solve problem described in RFC2778/9
* Built from the ground up, solving only problems described in RFC2778/9


None received.