2.3.13 IP over Packet Transport Rings BOF (ipoptr)

Current Meeting Report

IP over Packet Transport Rings (IPoPTR) BOF

Meeting Report

Minutes, IPoPTR BOF Meeting, IETF-49, San Diego, CA
Tuesday, December 12, 2000, 2:15-3:15 pm
Chairs: Albert Herrera, Raj Sharma

1. IPoPTR WG Status and Charter review (A.Herrrera -15 min)
2. IEEE 802.17 RPRWG Update (K.Amer - 15 min.)
3. Review of work-in-progress framework document (P.Jogalekar - 15 min.)
4. WG Logistics (A.Herrera -5 min.)
5. Q & A (All - 10 min.)

1. A status of the workgroup was presented. IPoPTR is currently being considered as part of the new pseudo-area within the General area. The IETF Chair being the AD and other area directors as joint technical & mgmt team. Pseudo area is under review with determination planned for Spring 2001.

2. The Charter, currently with the IESG for review, was presented. Key items were highlighted.

3. Goals and Milestones were presented and reviewed. The proposal was for a draft Framework document by March 2001 and IESG document review by June 2001. The general comments were that these dates were too aggressive given that 802.17 just started work. Milestones will be adjusted and will take 802.17 timelines into consideration.

4. K. Amer presented a 802.17 RPRWG Update. Particulars of the MAC layer features were presented and questions were raised for clarification. IEEE membership requirements and voting rules were also presented.

Concern was raised regarding official release and exchange of IEEE documents for IPoPTR's use. Given that there are no formal liaison, the matter has to be raised at the IEEE and resolved. K.Amer volunteered to raise the issue at the next IEEE 802.17 interim meeting for resolution.

5. P. Jogalekar presented work in-progress on the Framework document with a few questions raised for clarification.

6. IPoPTR Logistics were presented. This includes presentations planned for IEEE 802.17 preliminary meeting and continued work on the framework document.

Motion was raised to rename the WG to IPoRPR (IP over Resilient Packet Rings) to better reflect close tie-in with 802.17 RPRWG. No opposition raised against the motion.

End of Meeting Report


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