Application Configuration Access Protocol (acap)

Common Name Resolution Protocol (cnrp)

Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards (drums)

Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (ediint)

Extensions to FTP (ftpext)

Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)

Resource Capabilities Discovery (rescap)

Uniform Resource Names (urn)

Usenet Article Standard Update (usefor)

Process for Organization of Internet Standards ONg (poisson)

Interfaces MIB (ifmib)

Service Location Protocol (svrloc)

Distributed Management (disman)

Entity MIB (entmib)

Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB (hubmib)

G & R for Security Incident Processing (grip)

Network Access Server Requirements (nasreq)

Roaming Operations (roamops)

SNMP Agent Extensibility (agentx)

Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (bgmp)

Data Link Switching MIB (dlswmib)

Multicast Extensions to OSPF (mospf)

Routing Information Protocol (rip)

SNA DLC Services MIB (snadlc)

UniDirectional Link Routing (udlr)

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (vrrp)

An Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp)

Authenticated Firewall Traversal (aft)

Common Authentication Technology (cat)

One Time Password Authentication (otp)

Secure Network Time Protocol (stime)

Simple Public Key Infrastructure (spki)

Web Transaction Security (wts)

XML Digital Signatures (xmldsig)

Endpoint Congestion Management (ecm)

Integrated Services (intserv)

Multicast-Address Allocation (malloc)

ONC Remote Procedure Call (oncrpc)

PSTN and Internet Internetworking (pint)

Resource Reservation Setup Protocol (rsvp)

FYI Updates (fyiup)

Responsible Use of the Network (run)