1.1 Director's Message

The 50th meeting of the IETF was held in Minneapolis, Minnesorta from March 18-23, 2001. Unlike our last visit., the weather coopreated and the east coast flights were able to leave on time (whether they did or not is another matter).

Plenary Presentations

The common thread for the technical presentations was routing. Geoff Huston presented the IAB's perspective on the State of BGP Routing. Abha Ahuja also spoke of routing from the IRTF perspective. And then long awaited return of Frank Solensky who as spent "some" time looking at IP address space usage.

There were three additional presentations. Fred Baker reviewed IESG's plans to reorganize the sub-IP technologies in the IETF, and the soon to be established Sub-IP area. Fred also made some farewell remarks, reviewing the changes over his five-year tenure as IETF Chair, and shared his thoughts on the challenges of the future. He then passed the chair baton to Harald Alvestrand, who made a presentation as the new chair of the IETF.


I would like to thank Lucent Technologies for hosting the best terminal room and for arranging the social event. I would especially like to recognize the efforts of Tom Reddington and Beth Hamilton of Lucent for the outstanding job they and their teams did in supporting the attendees of the meeting. And of course to Igor Faynberg for getting the commitment from Lucent and making sure that everything went well.

The configuration of the terminal room facilities depends a great deal on the generosity of equipment vendors and service providers, and I want to thank the following organizations for their contributions and assistance:

Last, and certainly NOT least, a special thanks to Dennis Fazio. Dennis worked on the first Minneapolis as the ISP man on the scene. The moment he knew we were returning to Minneapolis, he volunteered to assist in this effort. Dennis was involved in every step of the planning and setup. I refuse to think about how this meeting might have been without Dennis. Further, it was no surprise that he volunteered again when he heard we were thinking about a third meeting in Minneapolis.

New IESG and IAB members

Prior to the Minneapolis IETF, Bernard Aboba, chair of the IETF/IAB Nominations Committee, announced the new members of the IESG and IAB, who assumed their duties following the Wednesday evening Open Plenary session.

The current members of the IESG are:

Harald Alvestrand

IETF Chair

Abha Ahuj


Scott Bradner


Randy Bush

Operations and Management

Rob Coltun


Ned Freed


Patrik Faltstrom


Marcus Leech


Allison Mankin


April Marine

User Services

Thomas Narten


Erik Nordmark


Jeff Schiller


Bert Wijnen

Operations and Management

The current members of the IAB are:

John Klensin - Chair

Ran Atkinson

Rob Austein

Fred Baker

Steve Bellovin

Brian Carpenter

Jon Crowcroft

Leslie Daigle

Steve Deering

Sally Floyd

Geoff Huston

Henning Schulzrinne

With gratitude and appreciation

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Dave Oran for his service to the IETF community as a member of the IESG. Thanks and appreciation also goes to Tony Hain for his service to the community as a member of the IAB

Upcoming Meetings

The summer of 2001 finds the IETF in jolly ol' England from August 5-10, 2001. The Secretariat is still working on the final meeting of 2001, but it looks like the IETF will precede the Winter Olympics, traveling to Salt Lake City in December, 2001.

Based on the many favorable comments received, we are returning to Minneapolis. NO, the hotels are not taking reservations!!!

For information about future meetings, visit the IETF Web Page. Our URL is


Steve <scoya@ietf.org>