2.9.1 User Services (uswg)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 51st IETF Meeting in London, England. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 31-Jul-01


April Marine <april.marine@nominum.com>

User Services Area Director(s):

April Marine <april.marine@nominum.com>

User Services Area Advisor:

April Marine <april.marine@nominum.com>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion:uswg@isc.org
To Subscribe: uswg-request@isc.org
Archive: http://www.isc.org/ml-archives/uswg/2000/maillist.html

Description of Working Group:

The User Services Working Group of the IETF provides a regular forum for people interested in all levels of user services to identify and initiate projects designed to improve the quality of information available to users of the Internet. USWG's goals are:

1. Meet on a regular basis to consider projects designed to improve services to users.

2. Create working groups or other focus groups to carry out projects deemed worthy of pursuing.

3. Provide a forum in which user services providers can discuss and identify common concerns.

4. Take on work to update existing FYI documents when that work does not coincide with the scope of an existing Working Group.

This is an active, on-going working group in the USV area of the IETF. It is the spawning ground for establishing other working groups in this area.

Goals and Milestones:

Nov 99


Submit I-D to update FYI 1 to IESG for publication as an Informational RFC.

Nov 99


Submit I-D to update FYI 7

Mar 00


Submit I-D to update FYI 17

Aug 00


Submit I-D to update FYI 7 to IESG for publication as an Informational RFC.

Nov 00


Submit I-D to update FYI 17 to IESG for publication as an Informational RFC.

Request For Comments:






F.Y.I. on F.Y.I.: Introduction to the F.Y.I. notes



Answers to Commonly asked ``Experienced Internet User'' Questions



FYI on ``What is the Internet?''



FYI on Questions and Answer Answers to Commonly asked ``New Internet User'' Questions



FYI on Questions and Answers Answers to Commonly asked New Internet User Questions

Current Meeting Report

Minutes 51st IETF, User Services Working Group
April Marine, Chair
Minutes taken by Ted Hardie
Monday August 6, 2001

- Agenda Bashing
- General review of recent USV stuf-
- What is the IETF? (Draft-hoffman-what-is-ietf-05.txt)
- FYI 7 working group draft
- Charter/Milestones update
- Request for addition to agenda with a privacy document
- Request for addition to add a draft on security considerations.

Tao of the IETF moved to RFC! (Yeah!) (Extra Yeah!) Little other progress has been made; some uswg members could not make this meeting, but no indication that they are making progress.

Eric asks whether RUN's closed; closing, but maybe one last revision to docs. USV is now one working group, which raises the question of whether there should be an area. April indicates that Harald may be looking at this once other issues are resolved. Eric suggests that language tags and charset issues might be moved into USV as an area, he proposes that April and Harald discuss this.

"What is the IETF" inherited from Poisson; comments raised about the Security Considerations section being longer than needed. April will take the comments back to the document author and then last call the document.

Ray then discussed FYI 7. There has been no progress on it, and there is a need for a document co-author. Ray will take current document and post it to the list to stimulate further action. April will seek co-author with Ray.

Milestone Update:

Update of FYI one needed to reflect current status of other FYI documents (it now follows STD 1). New ID on FYI 1 by September 30, 2001; to IESG by December 1st, 2001.

Ted wondered whether one method of dealing with no longer current FYI would be an update as a reference to the RFC, with a note that it is now historic; concurrently, mark the RFCs as historic.

Celia noted that it is a part of larger problem of historic data on working group issues that disappear when the working group goes away (as URI).

FYI 7, new I-D by September 30, 2001

Gary, Celia, Brian are working on the Glossary Hauser is now working on EDI for the Internet. This is currently a private effort; no I-D has been submitted to date.

Gary will be polled by April on dates for the Glossary.

Eric then discussed the need for a document on user privacy. He would like to produce a document that covers web-related privacy issues (P3P, javascript, etc.). Whois-type of data would be out of scope, but onward forwarding under p3p policies would be discussed.

Woody then discussed his experience of dealing with customer organization without a security policy: what you are trying to protect, what the cost of failure is, what the cost of success is, and then have the analysis of what the benefit/cost ratios would be. This document would be an example of a security policy document; he will need this for his customers, but he believes it would be better if reviewed by and intended for use by the broader community in similar situations.

Susan asked if we needed to put this into the Security Area; point made that this is the step before that step(what needs to be secured) before (how to secure something). Security Ads will be consulted, but no problems seen with the working proceeding in USWG. Woody will produce a first draft; abstract by the end of August, first draft by Salt Lake City.

Various TLD jokes made.


None received.