Application Configuration Access Protocol (acap)

Application Exchange (apex)

Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (beep)

Common Name Resolution Protocol (cnrp)

Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (ediint)

Extensions to FTP (ftpext)

Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)

Message Tracking Protocol (msgtrk)

NNTP Extensions (nntpext)

Resource Capabilities Discovery (rescap)

Telnet TN3270 Enhancements (tn3270e)

Uniform Resource Names (urn)

Usenet Article Standard Update (usefor)

Frame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib)

IP over Fibre Channel (ipfc)

Interfaces MIB (ifmib)

Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions (pppext)

Configuration Management with SNMP (snmpconf)

G & R for Security Incident Processing (grip)

Network Access Server Requirements (nasreq)

SNMP Agent Extensibility (agentx)

SNMP Version 3 (snmpv3)

Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (bgmp)

Inter-Domain Multicast Routing (idmr)

Open Shortest Path First IGP (ospf)

Routing Information Protocol (rip)

Source-Specific Multicast (ssm)

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (vrrp)

An Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp)

Common Authentication Technology (cat)

Intrusion Detection Exchange Format (idwg)

One Time Password Authentication (otp)

Secure Network Time Protocol (stime)

Security Issues in Network Event Logging (syslog)

XML Digital Signatures (xmldsig)

Integrated Services over Specific Link Layers (issll)

Multicast-Address Allocation (malloc)

Network Address Translators (nat)

Telephone Number Mapping (enum)

Responsible Use of the Network (run)