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2.1.11 Voice Profile for Internet Mail (vpim)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 52nd IETF Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 23-Oct-01
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G Parsons <>
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Ned Freed <>
Patrik Faltstrom <>
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Ned Freed <>
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Description of Working Group:
The Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) Version 2 is currently a Proposed Standard (RFC 2421) Applicability Statement. It is an application of Internet Mail originally intended for sending voice messages between voice messaging systems. As such, VPIM imposes several restrictions on the message and transport to support the characteristics of voice messaging. Many voice mail vendors have implemented systems according to RFC 2421 and are in the process of deploying these systems around the world. Most vendors have completed (or are currently involved in) interoperability testing of VPIM products and have posted their results on the VPIM website. This working group will promote the advancement of VPIM v2 on the standards track.

Several minor problems with VPIM v2 have been identified during the development and testing of products. These problems can easily be fixed with minor clarifications to the protocol. A revised VPIM v2 (and related protocols as necessary) will be produced to reflect these clarifications. No protocol changes will be introduced in this update.

Though VPIM uses Internet Mail, its restrictions can be inconvenient when sending and receiving messages from traditional desktop email clients. As a result, there is interest in loosening the restrictions of VPIM in a new version and make it the voice component of a unified messaging protocol suite. This would make it easier for desktop clients to send, receive, and forward voice messages while maintaining support for the characteristics of a voice message.

The primary goal of Version 3 is to support interoperability with deployed desktop email clients. A secondary goal is to specify interoperability with Version 2. The result is that the semantics of a voice or fax message within an email message can be interpreted at as many clients as possible.

An initial proposal for VPIM v3 (also known as Internet Voice Mail (IVM)) is currently documented in several Internet Drafts (see draft-ema-vpimv3-*): VPIM v3 Goals, VPIM v3 Unified Messaging (Primary Content), VPIM Addressing and VPIM v3 Specification. As well, several supporting protocol extensions may need to be worked in this group or in collaboration with other groups. These are: IMAP voice extensions, voice directory profiles, content negotiation details for voice and partial non-delivery notifications.

The working group will initially focus on agreement of the goals and then define a set of protocol documents to address the media, addressing, and handling semantics. Finally, VPIM v2 - v3 Interworking will be documented separately if needed.


The voice mail vendors and several email vendors have been meeting in the VPIM work group at the Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) for several years. This team produced VPIM v1 (RFC 1911) and VPIM v2 (RFC 2421). This group meets three times a year in between IETF meetings and is regularly attended by core VPIM proponents. As a result, there is benefit to using this venue as an interim meeting.

In addition, the work of this group is related to similar work by the Internet Fax WG. It is intended that Version 3 will use at least the Simple Mode of Internet Fax.

As well, other IETF WGs may be interested in proposed voice extensions to protocols. There may be value in collaborating on some work items.

Goals and Milestones:
Done   Document interworking VPIM v2 implementations
Done   Issue updated drafts of IVM/VPIM v3 Goals, IVM/VPIM v3 Specification and related protocol documents as Internet Drafts
Done   WG last call on VPIM v3 Goals as Informational RFC
Done   Issue updated VPIM v2 Internet Draft
Done   Issue updated Internet Drafts of VPIM directory
Done   Issue updated Internet Drafts of VPIM addressing
Done   Issue updated Internet Drafts of VPIM IMAP extensions
Done   Issue revised VPIM v3 Specification and related protocol documents as Internet Drafts
Done   WG last call on IVM Specification and related protocol documents as Proposed Standards RFCs
Done   Submit IVM Goals to IESG for consideration as Informational RFC
Done   Submit VPIM addressing to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard
Done   WG last call on revised VPIM v2 for Draft Standard
Done   Submit IVM et al to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard
Done   WG last call on VPIM client extensions as Standards Track RFC
Done   Submit VPIM v2 to IESG for consideration as a Draft Standard RFC
Done   Submit VPIM IMAP client extensions to IESG for consideration as Standards Track RFC
Done   WG last call on VPIM addressing as Standards Track RFC
Done   WG last call on VPIM directory profile as Standards Track RFC
Done   Submit VPIM addressing to IESG for consideration as Standards Track RFC
Done   Submit VPIM directory to IESG for consideration as Standards Track RFC
Done   WG last call on IVM/VPIM v3 content negotiation as Proposed Standard RFC
Done   Submit VPIM content negotiation to IESG for consideration as Proposed Standard RFC
Done   Review final work items and close
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Current Meeting Report

IETF VPIM WG - 52nd IETF - Salt Lake City
Chair: Glenn Parsons <>
Minutes: Eli Jacobi <>

Start: Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2001 9:05 AM

Agenda Bashing - 5 minutes

Comments about EMA - host of website.
EMA is used mostly for marketing education and hosting of VPIM interoperability events. (Anyone interested in holding an event similar to the event last year - please contact WG Chairman).

Please use EMA addresses
to find the following information:
Marketing and Education
Interop testing events
VPIM Test Suite
VPIM V2 declarations
VPIM drafts and standards
Repository for VPIM interop testing information

VPIM Charter & Milestones review - 10 minutes

Milestones are posted on the website (a minor update was reviewed).
Dates for Client extensions, directory stuff, are to be moved to the end of next meeting.

VPIM v2 r2 - 20 minutes
Voice Profile for Internet Mail - version 2
(IETF Last Call) (Greg Vaudreuil)
draft-ietf-vpim-vpimv2r2-04.txt Oct 25, 2001
draft-ietf-vpim-vpimv2r2-32k-02.txt Oct 25, 2001
draft-ietf-vpim-vpimv2r2-dur-02.txt Oct 25, 2001
MDN drafts (Tony Hansen/Greg Vaudreuil )
draft-vaudreuil-mdnbis-01.txt Nov 4, 2001
DSN drafts (Greg Vaudreuil)
draft-moore-1891bis-00.txt June 21, 2001
draft-vaudreuil-1892bis-00.txt June 15, 2001
draft-vaudreuil-1893bis-00.txt June 15, 2001
draft-vaudreuil-1893ext-01.txt Nov 6, 2001
Quick summary by chair - we are in IETF last call which will end on New Year's Eve. Following an IESG review, they will be going to RFC editor.
Report by Greg Vaudreuil: MDN, DSN drafts are completed. Both are on 2 weeks last call (not sure about close date).
The MDN extension document includes an additional set of status codes. Status: ready to move.

VPIM Addressing (IETF last call) - 5 minutes (Glenn Parsons)
draft-ietf-vpim-address-02.txt Oct 26, 2001

IETF last call. (also ending on New Year's Eve)

VPIM Directory - 5 minutes (Greg Vaudreuil)
Voice Messaging Directory Service (schema)
draft-ietf-vpim-vpimdir-01.txt Nov 16, 2001
Voice Message Routing Service
draft-ietf-vpim-routing-01.txt Sep 10, 2000 (expired)

VPIM routing:
No open issues. It is based on RFC 2916, and will be revised when ENUM is revised. Ready for WG last call - may wait for VPIM LDAP schema

VPIM Schema:
Several changes made - No more ASN.1, schema now auxiliary to INET person
Many comments received after ID deadline - will be incorporated, BNF fixes received (Thanks !!)

One major open issue: should we support an additional query mode for direct retrieval of spoken name and mailbox status directly from VM? (two-stage query).
Pro: Easier to deploy in existing directories, smaller centralized DB
Con: Excessive latency may require LDAP V3 referrals, more option, more complex.

Two stage query options:
1. Application-layer referral - define an additional attribute with URL of auxiliary directory server.
2. Split schema into two objects. Use LDAP V3 referral if second object on auxiliary server - add unnecessary latency for centralized case
3. Retain schema. Use chaining
- preserve schema complicates directory server.
- Serious concerns about latency

Ned Freed: doubts about operational difficulties (based on prior experience). Also - questioned the standardization of the schema and the options of enforcing it.
Also LDAP version from U. of Michigan does not support authentication flexibility.
Proposal - adopting option 3. Work Group approves

IVM - 60 minutes
Goals for Internet Voice Mail (AD review) (Emily Candell)
draft-ietf-vpim-ivm-goals-03.txt June 15, 2001

Approved !!

Critical Content of Internet Mail
(AD review) (Eric Burger)
draft-ietf-vpim-cc-04.txt March 30, 2001 (expired)
Message Context for Internet Mail
(AD review) (Eric Burger)
draft-ietf-vpim-hint-07.txt June 5, 2001 (expired)

Last call asked for by Ned Freed (new year eve). Advise from AD: keep an eye. If it disappears - repost. (Since it went to last call - expiry date does not apply anymore).

audio/wav with MS-GSM vs. audio/basic with mu-law
(Charles Eliot)
draft-ema-vpim-msgsm-00.txt April 1, 1999 (deleted)
draft-ema-vpim-wav-00.txt June 20, 1999 (deleted)

Codec consensus:
Mandatory to receive and play
G.711 as raw

Charles Elliot from Microsoft indicated some legal issues to do with IPR owned by Microsoft. The documents were rewritten and are awaiting legal response whether they are royalty free. Not resolved as of now.
WG agreed on Feb. 1st as a deadline for Microsoft response. Otherwise - will go with G.711 only.
The rule (Ned Freed) - a pointer in the document referring to the licensing terms.

Internet Voice Messaging (Stuart McRae)
draft-ietf-vpim-ivm-03.txt Nov 29, 2001

IVM Update (by Stuart McRae, read by Glenn Parsons)
Attempted to reduce the number of SHOULDs and make them qualified MUSTs or MAYs
Clients that support IVM MUST generate message context of voice-message, but MUST-NOT require it on received message

Updates about Critical Content, as well as message content.

Must use audio/wav or audio/basic unless sender is aware recipient can handle other types. May include spoken name. When forwarding MUST preserve content type of audio body parts.

Added considerations for several Interoperability points

Updates for Gateway Requirements:
Possible list of Gateway Issues sent to the list.
Should this be included in IVM? Has it been reviewed?
Is it complete/accurate?
Are there any other recommendations to make?
Should it be updated for inclusion as an addendum? Discussion concluded it should not be included in IVM but possibly included in an Implementer's Guide.

Minor updates on other sections (Security considerations and added references to the security sections)

VPIM Addenda - 20 minutes
Binary & channel IMAP extensions for VPIM Messages
(Lyndon Nerenberg)
draft-nerenberg-imap-channel-01.txt Nov 27, 2001
draft-nerenberg-imap-binary-05.txt Sept 20, 2001

Discussion held on IMAP Voice Mail list. Author was not attending. Chairman encourages attendees to review the channel document.

Calling Line Identification for VPIM Messages
(Glenn Parsons)
draft-ema-vpim-clid-02.txt June 2001

Some clarifications needed as to the number format (E.164, NANP, private numbering scheme)
WG last call to informational ended August 31, 2001.
Outstanding action on Greg to provide structured syntax by February 1st.

Voice Messaging IMAP Client Behaviour (Glenn Parsons)
draft-ema-vpim-cb-02.txt July 18, 2001

AD (Ned Freed) hasn't yet got around to reviewing it...

SIP MWI (Rohan Mahy)
draft-mahy-sip-message-waiting-02.txt July 2001

Author not attending. Status unchanged (this doc is waiting for SIP events in SIP WG to go through)

SNAP (Noam Shapira)
draft-shapira-snap-02.txt Nov 21, 2001

Presentation on latest changes to SNAP draft:
-Structural changes in the draft
-Bind HTTP to SNAP
-Payload format is 2822 like
-Added Security and IANA considerations
-MessageType changed to Message-Context (compatible to HINT)
-MsgImportance and MsgSensitivity reference to MIXER (RFC 2156)

Greg/Ned - the reference to MIXER should be removed and another reference should be used.

Why in VPIM WG?
Notification - a major Unified Messaging feature / component. VPIM is the natural place for UM discussions

Status of draft: small fixes are needed.
Glenn - SNAP work can be finished before VPIM rechartering.
Ned Freed asked that it is added to VPIM new charter.
Also - Ned said that if there will be a proven justification for HTTP (using draft-moore-using-http-01.txt) he will not object to HTTP.
Draft is ready for last call.
Greg - suggests to move SNAP as email notification protocol.
Pete Resnick - Suggests to move to last call and not to rehash it in IMAP WG. Submit to Ned for IETF review.
Ned - review if the use of HTTP is according to guidelines

VPIM Re-Charter discussion - 20 minutes

Charter is about to be reached (expected - next meeting).
What is next?

* TUI Profile for Internet Mail
-Need profile for TUI access to messages
and submission of messages to message store
-VPIM V2 addresses server to server.
IVM addresses server to GUI client and GUI to GUI
* TUI Profile for Message Access
-Profile IMAP for TUI message access
-Message context in IMAP list search
-Channel+RTSP for streaming access to context
-Server side transcoding request
-Profile SMTP-Submit for telephone answering
-Quota override, authentication
-ISUP/ISDN parameters, callback number, non-mail user
-Caller ID block handling
-Message forward without download of forwarded content
-Server side transcoding request
* Notification
* Extend SORT to support Message-Context
* Add support of per Message-Context counters in STATUS command
* Add support for STATUS of multiple folders
* Add support for IDLE of multiple folders
* Standardize English names for standard (system) folders
* Add support of two new IMAP flags (/SPAM, /ADULT)
* Client submission
* Client retrieval

Initial response - objection to some of the IMAP related stuff.

Most probable way - close the VPIM group and open as a new WG based on the agreed upon charter.

Will revisit options on the list and at the next meeting.

Wrap Up - 5 minutes

Meeting adjurned at 11:32 AM


VPIM Directory
IVM Update
Smart Notification and Alarm Protocol (SNAP)