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2.1.18 Keywords Naming Services (kwns) Bof

Current Meeting Report

[kwns BOF]

Co-Chair YangWoo Ko introduces charter, defines "Keywords" for the purpose of this meeting:

- Keywords are defined as internationalized string for internet navigation.

- Charter highlights - direct navigation is very desirable for users -users wish to use keywords as unambiguous addresses

Presentations on Keyword System requirements:
CNNIC on its implementation (see slides)


- Only do exact matching? Don't do variations - so you pass it to a whole different search engine or are you running your own? Is that a totally separate DB? Yes.

- Do you make your DB available to search to use it? No.

- How do you handle conflicts if two people want to register same name? In most case it is first come first served.

3721 (see slides)
- Keyword service is about UI, not about identities - not about creating another layer of names, but rather a service that maximally accommodates users normal usage behavior

- Optimal UI often requires accommodation of a high degree of "fuzziness" existing in normal uses

Questions/Comments - comments moved from specific re: 3721 to larger issues
re: protocol requirements for interoperable Keywords, etc.:

- UI is highly emphasized - then why are we discussing this in the IETF. We are notorious for not doing UIs well.

- You have described user requirements that have been around as long as people have used computers for searching text - we have solved that problem poorly in general if at all. The times we have solved it has been when it's been a very narrow problem and we've solved it carefully.

- What technical function that involves a protocol and therefore can reasonably include the IETF is appropriate to attack now as opposed to five years from now.

Can you try to frame what kinds of things you need out of the protocol that would help the user interface. Answer: You need a way to go from these names to the ultimate destination to a network address.

- How does this relate to CNRP? Answer: preso on that shortly

- Can you define - what are keywords? Answer: Keywords are more than names.

Don't like the idea of keywords being just a multi-lingual naming layer on top of DNS. Not selling web identities - linking service - linking a URI with a real identity

- Uniqueness for names is important - but humans deal with ambiguity in our daily lives. Focus on trade names, but what about people names - different rules. For you it is a database issue, not a protocol issue. Uniqueness is within a particular database or a particular service, not a protocol issue.

- Are the needs fulfilled by the work that's already been done?

RealNames presentation re: Direct Navigation (see slides)

- Keywords systems are not intended to be the solution to all navigation issues. Direct Navigation is important to users. Keywords are not trying to solve all navigation - that's IRNSS. Keywords want to make direct navigation more efficient. Keywords define a class of navigation system - and if you bound it to that class it's a very constrained problem.


- There is a conflict between who wants to solve which problems. That doesn't mean that one of those problems shouldn't be tackled, but it would be folly to try to establish a working group because there are fundamental problems here.

- We're looking at whether something can be standardized. So we can interoperate? Is that really a problem? Is there a demand for users not to have one unified plug in? Is there a problem that can be solved by having one standard protocol as opposed to six protocols that we have today.

Answer: There are two issues - interoperability and distribution - all rely on applications to distribute the service - much easier to get into apps if there is an open protocol.

- Are there any presentations from people building those apps who say this is a problem - is this a genuine problem that people are having out there?

RealNames presentation re: CNRP relevance (see slides)

- Seems like you're saying that CNRP does everything you want - are we talking about things like nameprep on top of CNRP? So we're saying that this group will extend CNRP?
- What is the difference between SLS and KWNS? Answer: The issue of uniqueness and whether to use industry codes

BOF closes without a vote re: whether there is interest in forming a working group, but with a request for discussion on the MINC ( Keyword mailing list


Keywords Systems Requirements
Introduction to CNNIC Common Name Service
Keyword Based Navigation and Search --- A China Example
CNRP and KWNS requirements
Direct Navigation as a key requirement for Keyword Naming Services