1.1 The Director's Message

The IETF assembled for the first time in Asia during the 54th meeting of the IETF held in Yokohama, Japan, from July 14-19, 2002. The meeting attracted over 1900 attendees from 41 countries.

Past meetings may be memorable for one reason or another; a fantastic social event, a well run network, informative plenaries, the weather, great quantities of food, etc. What about Japan? EVERYTHING.

There was lots of food (and oh, those wassabi peas!), the network functioned extremely well, and the folks from WIDE impressed many of us with their home-grown monitoring tools. All who attended the meeting will remember it for having excelled at all these things.

Plenary Presentations

The plenary sessions in Japan were notable for the numerous technical presentations. The IESG plenary included the IPv6 Pragmatics Panel (Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino, Tatsuya Jinmei, Munechika Sumikawa, Margaret Wasserman, and Brian Zill). Randy Bush and Allison Mankin organized the panel.

Steve Bellovin, one of the Security Area Directors, shared ideas and plans to provide Security Help for the IETF.

The IAB Plenary session included a number of excellent presentations, beginning with Eric Rescola's presentation on Guidelines for Authors of Security Considerations Sections. This was followed by:

- Rob Austein providing highlights from the IAB Network Management Workshop recently held in
Reston, Virginia.

- Sally Floyd's presentation on General Architectural and Policy Considerations

- Vern Paxson gave an IRTF Status Report

- Eliot Lear presenting information from the Name Space Research Group

Be sure to view the slides from the various plenary presentations.


I would like to thank the team from WIDE for their outstanding performance hosting the terminal room, building the network infrastructure, and for developing some really cool tools to monitor the network. Internet network resources and connectivity was provided by Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).

Of course, very special thanks to Fujitsu for sponsoring the terminal room and arranging a memorable social event.

Upcoming Meetings

The final meeting of 2002 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The IETF returns to the Bay Area for the first meeting of 2003 (that's right, we are NOT meeting in Minneapolis), and then returns to Europe for the summer meeting in Austria.

For information about future meetings or the IETF, visit our web page at http://www.ietf.org/