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2.5.4 Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (msdp)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 54th IETF Meeting in Yokohama, Japan. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modifield: 05/13/2002

David Meyer <>
Routing Area Director(s):
Bill Fenner <>
Alex Zinin <>
Routing Area Advisor:
Alex Zinin <>
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Description of Working Group:
The MSDP working group will be charged with standardizing MSDP, the Multicast Source Discovery Protocol. MSDP is a near-term solution for connecting shared trees without the need for inter-domain shared trees (it is envisioned that the Border Gateway Multicast Protocol, BGMP, is the long term solution). MSDP is applicable to shared tree protocols such as PIM-SM and CBT, as well as other protocols that keep active source information at the borders (e.g., MOSPF or PIM-DM with DWRs). This working group will interact closely with both MBONED where operational issues arise, and IDMR where necessary for protocol issues.

Finally, it is envisioned that this working group will have a fairly short live span.

Goals and Milestones:
DEC 98  Hold the first Working Group meeting and discuss the charter and the state of progress on the chartered items.
DEC 98  Submit MSDP Internet-Draft to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.
APR 99  Submit MSDP specifications to IESG for consideration as Draft Standard.
APR 99  Submit MSDP Applicability Statement to IESG for publication as an RFC.
APR 99  Submit MSDP MIB to IESG for consideration as proposed standard.
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Current Meeting Report

Monday July 15, 2002, 1530-1655
Dave Meyer

No agenda items submitted didn't want to hold meeting

MSDP spec history

worked quickly got to 13 draft

Design team worked on
- backward compatibility
- simplifty notification
- caching
- peer rpf ruels and workding (again)
- mesg-group semantics
- default route
- SA request language
- Use of MRIB and RPT route
- MP/MPP notation in the peer tules
- max MTU (decided on 9192, but...
- encapsulation

Design team didn't accomplish progress on any of these issues.

This is the last MSDP WG meeting where Dave will act as chair

Mboned recommended that we issue draft-...-06.txt as informational and close the

The MBONED WG will product a multicast "gap analysis" ducomuent wofr thew IESG
should interdomain ASM become of interest to the IETF>

Meyer: there was not enough participation in the design team to reach consensus

Alex: gauge of interest about who should work on finishing the design teams


Fenner: Design team was formed to do the work because the WG wasn't it.

??: MSDP has been a proxy for discussing ASM issues, let's close it off and do
the gap analysis properly.

Fenner: why 06.

Meyer: 06 was the first doc that looked like a draft and it still msot
accurately captures the operation of the current implementations.

Need to document work down to get to 13...


None received.