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2.3.7 IP over Cable Data Network (ipcdn)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 55th IETF Meeting in Altanta, Georgia USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modifield: 07/23/2002

Richard Woundy <>
Jean-Francois Mule <>
Internet Area Director(s):
Thomas Narten <>
Erik Nordmark <>
Internet Area Advisor:
Thomas Narten <>
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Description of Working Group:
The IETF IPCDN Working Group develops and standardizes SNMP MIBs for IP-capable data-over-cable systems, for example cable modems and associated cable-data equipment in a Headend. These MIBs cover not only cable data interfaces, but also management of cable-data equipment and systems.

The WG is also a forum for discussion of Internet-related issues in data-over-cable equipment and systems. In the event of a particular new Internet technology issue arising in the cable-data context, the WG will identify whether that is best handled within the IETF or is best handled by another standards body. In the event that new IETF work is identified, such items MAY be added that to the WG's charter, subject to normal IETF processes. Standardisation of MIBs for the EuroModem cable modem is within the scope of the IPCDN Working Group. Harmonisation of EuroModem MIBs and DOCSIS MIBs is desirable and will be examined by the IPCDN WG.

The IPCDN WG will also keep informed on what other groups in the industry are doing as it relates to the work of this working group.

Related groups:

The IEEE 802.14 WG was chartered to specify the physical layer and data link layer protocols for the CATV Data Network. The IEEE has discontinued the IEEE 802.14 effort, so that group no longer exists.

DOCSIS has completed its 1.0 versions of Data over Cable standards and is in the process of refining these standards to add additional functionality and to repair any flaws discovered in operational use. The IPCDN WG will update the documents produced which track the 1.0 versions accordingly. These include the RF Interface MIB and the Cable Device MIB. In addition, the operational and management issues of multicast over a Cable Data Network will be addressed.

Work items:

The IPCDN WG will address issues related to network management, especially as they concern HFC access networks. It is expected that other services (i.e. RSVP, IPSEC, etc.) will operate mostly unmodified.

- a MIB for managing the Telephone Modem Return Path (Telco Return) for 1-way cable modems. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-tri-mib-01.txt)

- a MIB for managing the Baseline Privacy system for DOCSIS. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-bpi-mib-01.txt), (draft-ietf-ipcdn-bpiplus-mib-00.txt)

- a MIB for managing the Quality of Service parameters for a Cable Data Network. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-qos-mib-02.txt)

- a MIB for managing Multicast (IGMP) over a Cable Data Network. (draft-ietf-ipcdn-igmp-mib-00.txt)

- a MIB for CMTS based customer management (draft-ietf-ipcdn-subscriber-mib-00.txt)

- Revisions to the Proposed Standard RF and CM MIBs to address SNMPv3 and IPv6 compliance and interoperability issues.

Goals and Milestones:
Done  Post final I-D on Baseline Privacy MIB; Last call
FEB 00  Post I-Ds revising RF and CM MIBs to support DOCSIS1.1 and for compliance with SNMPv3 and IPv6
Done  Submit Baseline Privacy MIB to IESG for publication as a Standards Track RFC
FEB 00  Submit updated RF and CM MIBs to IESG with implementation statement for advancement to Draft Standard
JUN 00  Revaluate charter and milestones.
  • - draft-ietf-ipcdn-igmp-mib-04.txt
  • - draft-ietf-ipcdn-subscriber-mib-06.txt
  • - draft-ietf-ipcdn-device-mibv2-02.txt
  • - draft-ietf-ipcdn-docs-rfmibv2-04.txt
  • Request For Comments:
    RFC2669 PS Cable Device Management Information Base for DOCSIS compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems
    RFC2670 PS Radio Frequency (RF) Interface Management Information Base for MCNS/DOCSIS compliant RF interfaces
    RFC3083 I Baseline Privacy Interface Management Information Base for DOCSIS Compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems

    Current Meeting Report

    Meeting notes reported and edited by Jean-Francois Mulé.
    --- WG Meeting Summary
    Approximately 20 members of the IP over Cable Data Networks WG met at the 
    Atlanta IETF on November 20, 2002.  The main purpose of the meeting to 
    discuss open issues on the ipcdn chartered work items including the 
    DOCSIS and PacketCable MIBs. We addressed some administrative issues (in 
    particular the update/removal of expired drafts). We also reviewed the 
    submission of the CableHome mibs and discussed whether to charter those as 
    official wg items.
    Rich went through the meeting agenda sent on Nov 6, there was no 
    additions. 3 decks of slides were provided and presented, check on (slides for IPCDN WG Agenda & Update, 
    Subscriber Management MIB, Cable Device MIB Update).
    --- Administration/Re-chartering
    - General draft management discussion
    We covered the following general issues:
     - It is strongly recommended to use the ipcdn mailing list for 
    technical discussions of IETF drafts and related open issues 
     - Authors need to provide more timely responses to MIB doctors and other 
    IESG reviewers.
     - Authors should make more frequent draft updates, i.e. not just before 
    IETF draft submission deadlines but address comments and update the 
    drafts on a regular basis.
     - WG handling of expired internet-drafts:
    If there are existing mibs in DOCSIS that have been implemented and are 
    still in internet-drafts, action should be taken. The AD Thomas Narten made a 
    comment re: ID revisions: if a document is not rev'ed in between 
    meetings, wg chairs will be more aggressive following up with the ID 
    authors. To address the growing number of expired drafts, the 
    co-chairs decided that of if an IPCDN internet-draft is expired for 2 
    consecutive IETF meetings, it will be *discontinued*. This decision was 
    presented in Atlanta and there was no objections. It was also proposed to 
    reassigned expired drafts to new authors (volunteers interested in owning an 
    expired draft, please contact the co-chairs).  Ultimately, expired drafts 
    will be removed from the WG charter.
    A question was asked re: the integration of the Cablelabs changes in 
    Internet-Drafts (done via the Engineering Change Request process at 
    CableLabs) and what was the purpose of reviewing them now in IPCDN.  The 
    chairs responded that except for minor nits, the IPCDN wg should review 
    those changes and in any case, the final ECN changes must be part of ID 
    - Recharter progress
    The co-chairs have been working on the recharter to add new work items 
    based on participants' proposals, remove some expired drafts and revise 
    completion target dates.  A draft charter update is available at:
    In brief, it is proposed to:
     - Drop DVB/Euromodem MIB efforts (see below for more details)
     - Add the 3 PacketCable mibs
     - Add CableHome MIB efforts
    With regards to the revised target dates for completing the drafts, the 
    co-chairs propose to align the wg item deliverable dates with the 
    CableLabs certification wave timeline (organize the ipcdn 
    deliverables in 3 buckets to hit CW#26, CW#27 in 2003). Determining new WG 
    item milestones requires authors' sign-offs. Once the co-chairs receive the 
    input of the draft authors, the IPCDN re-chartering process will be 
    complete and a new charter will be submitted with the IESG.
    - Draft review status and current WG priorities
    Two drafts are in Area Director review and require complete author 
    feedback to the MIB doctor: DOCSIS IGMP MIB, Subscriber Management MIB.
    Since the meeting, Rich has created the additional IPCDN work group page, 
    now available at  To track ipcdn drafts, check, link under "IETF Draft Tracker for IPCDN 
    documents in IESG and IETF-wide review".
    There was a general agreement that the wg priorities are:
     - Finish DOCSIS 1.1 & 2.0 drafts ASAP
     - IPCablecom/PacketCable MIBs
     - CableHome MIBs
    - Upcoming SNMPv3 MIB Changes 
    We warned the group and authors of the changes to SNMP 
    Since the meeting, the new SNMPv3 RFCs have arrived, and they are 
    numbered rfc3410-rfc3418.
    An updated boilerplate for IETF MIB Documents is available at: Check the 
    normative & informative references at
    - Additional IPCDN wg web site
    --- Review of DOCSIS Submissions and open issues
    Three ID were revised 
    Applicability of RFC 2933 IGMP MIB to Docsis CM and CMTS devices.
    Author responded partially to MIB doctor comments. Author is still 
    working on response to MIB doctor comments for 04, with WG chair 
    assistance. The open issue is the definition of formal MIB compliance 
    statements for DOCSIS, based on CM/CMTS interface, active/passive modes,
    + DOCSIS Subscriber Management MIB
    See additional meeting slides provided by Wilson Sawyer for this mib 
    discussion at
    Author is responding to MIB doctor comments for 06. Draft07 resolves many 
    MIB doctor comments.
    Unresolved: overlap of IP filters & CPE controls with similar RFC 2669 
    Mike St Johns commented that the overlap of IP filters with RFC2669 was 
    done *on purpose* in cases when a cable operator may control the CMTS but 
    not the CM. There are built for a good reason. It was decided to take it to 
    the list.
    + DOCSIS 2.0 RFI MIB
    draft-ietf-ipcdn-docs-rfmibv2-04.txt is the current submitted version.
    Author to submit draft05 with WG consensus. Items needing some update:
     - Resolve DOCSIS channel utilization issue: provide new counter objects 
    instead of percentage objects, defining utilized minislots for new 
     - Extend docsIfCmtsCmStatusValue for BPI+ status? No, use 
    docsBpi2CmAuthState from BPI+ MIB instead
    --> Ready (almost) to start WG last call.
    + Cable Device MIB
    See additional meeting slides provided by Rich Woundy for this mib 
    discussion at
    The updated draft reflects some DOCSIS modifications (deprecate IP 
    filters, CPE controls in favor of Subscriber Management MIB on CM).
    --> Ready to start WG last call.
    + BPI+ MIB
    The new draft editor (Alexander Katsnelson, CableLabs) has submitted 
    draft07 with some minor nits.  Some changes are still required:
     - Remove extraneous CRL references in text and MIB
     - Did we resolve the tie-breaking for IP Multicast rows?
    Use docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastAddress or 
    docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastIndex as tie-breaker for 
    docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastMapTable rows?
     - Do we need to clarify meaning of date and time (i.e. include the 
    timezone) for these objects?  
    --> Ready (almost) to start WG last call?
    --- Review of PacketCable/IPCablecom Submissions and open issues The 
    individual MIB Framework document submission has been dropped and will not 
    chartered by the WG. Three drafts have been chartered in ipcdn.  Updated 
    Internet-Drafts were submitted to integrate the chairs' feedback and 
     - All three MIBs now pass MIB compilation (SMICng and others)
     - MIBs are rooted under mib-2 in temporary location
     - Various SMI corrections (DisplayString replaced by 
    SnmpAdminString, INTEGER replaced by Integer32, Object definitions made 
    friendly wrt RFC2578 and RFC2580, Removed all obsolete objects, 
    corrected date values, Fixed root OIDs for notification objects)
    + Management Event MIB and open issues
      Issue: Reword the text in the DESCRIPTION of 
      Issue: Should the SYSLOG UDP port number be configurable ala 
      Issue: Change pktcDevEvThrottleInhibited DESCRIPTION to match similar 
    RFC2669bis object?
    + MTA MIB and open issues
      Issue: Remove MD5 hashing from 
      Issue: Remove overlap with the Entity MIB?
    + Network Control Signaling MIB and open issues
      Issue: Bulk up the glossary
      Issue: Add risk assessment for read-write/read-create objects to the 
    Security Considerations
    --> The drafts are now ready for the formal WG review!
    + We identified the following technical reviewers to conduct WG review:
       - Igor Lasic []
       - Prakash []
       - Azlina Ahmad [] for the MTA mib only
    --- Review the CableHome Submissions (Individual Submissions)
    The following drafts were submitted by the CableLabs CableHome project and it 
    is being considered for addition on the WG charter:
    + Security MIB
    + Configuration MIB
    + Device Management MIB
    + Address Mapping MIB
    + Remote Diagnostic Tools MIB
    The discussion centered around 2 points:
    1. Overlap with other IETF draft MIBs:
    Chairs identified some potential overlap with 
    draft-ietf-dhc-server-mib-07.txt and 
    draft-ietf-nat-natmib-05.txt.  There might be other mibs that have some 
    functionality overlapping the CableHome mibs.
    There was an active discussion with Thomas Narten re: the NAT working 
    group and nat mib.  Based on Thomas Narten's input, it is unclear what the 
    status of the NAT mib is and the overlap there may be ok for now.
    2. Shall the IPCDN wg add these CableHome drafts to the WG charter?
    Given the late submission dates and the ipcdn audience being more 
    familiar with DOCSIS and PacketCable, the chairs decided that 
    additional review time is required.
    We identified specific technical reviewers in the meeting, more to come via 
    the mailing list.
    + Cablehome draft reviewers:
     - Igor Lasic []
     - Greg Nakanishi []
    --- Status of various other WG drafts
    The 2 drafts have expired. Do we need a new editor?
    Authors have allowed version 06 to expire.
      Issue 1: RowStatus objects need to specify if column object values can be 
    modified when 'active'
      Issue 2: Update to docsQosServiceFlowPkts description
    + DOCSIS Event Notification
    Authors have allowed version 02 to expire. The draft needs resolving the 
    overlap of objects with latest RFC 2670 update via DOCSIS ECR: 
    + DVB/Euromodem MIBs
    The 4 DVB/Euromodem MIB drafts have expired and after consulting ECCA 
    Technical Committee and the Euromodem community, there is no interest in 
    continuing this work (contact: Dirk Jaeger).  The drafts will be removed 
    from the charter.
    --- WG next steps
    Publish updates to resolve MIB doctor comments and prepare for IETF 
    last-call for:
     - Subscriber Management MIB drafts
    Prepare DOCSIS 2.0 RFI MIB, Cable Device MIB, and BPI+ MIB drafts for 
    working group last-call.
    WG chairs will resolve authorship of expired WG internet-drafts or cancel 
    them and chairs will obtain author feedback on reasonable draft 
    milestones. Obtain IESG agreement on new charter.
    WG to start the review PacketCable/IPCablecom and CableHome MIBs.
    + Next steps for I-D authors:
     - Help the chairs define reasonable milestones for charter
     - Provide more frequent draft updates and don't let drafts expire
     - Be flexible with respect to internet-draft requirements changes (e.g. 
    SNMP boilerplates, normative vs. information references)
     - Prepare drafts for working group last-call, etc.
     - Respond in a timely manner to MIB doctor comments, and help us 
    resolve them
     - Let the chairs know when you need help
    + Next steps for WG participants
     - Review DOCSIS MIBs (RFI 2.0, Cable Device, BPI+) in anticipation of WG 
     - Review PacketCable/IPCableCom MIBs for technical correctness
     - Read and review CableHome MIBs
     - Provide technical comments on the ipcdn mailing list, not just 
    privately to draft authors
     - Provide comments on the IPCDN recharter.
    #--- end of ipcdn meeting notes IETF #55.


    Subscriber Management MIB
    IPCDN Cable Device MIB Update