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2.4.4 Domain Name Server Operations (dnsop)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 55th IETF Meeting in Altanta, Georgia USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modifield: 06/24/2002

Lars-Johan Liman <>
Ray Plzak <>
Operations and Management Area Director(s):
Randy Bush <>
Bert Wijnen <>
Operations and Management Area Advisor:
Randy Bush <>
Mailing Lists:
General Discussion:
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Description of Working Group:
The DNS Operations Working Group will develop guidelines for the operation DNS name servers and the administration of DNS zone files. These guidelines will provide technical information relating to the implementation of the DNS protocol by the operators and administrators of DNS domains. The group will perform the following activities:

1. Define the processes by which Domain Name System (DNS) servers may be efficiently and correctly administered, configured, and operated on Internet networks. This will include root zone name servers, gTLD name servers, and the name servers of other DNS domains. As part of this effort, the group will produce documents explaining to the general Internet community what processes and mechanisms should be employed for the effective management and operation of DNS servers.

2. Publish (or assume sponsorship for) documents concerning DNSSEC procedures.

3. Publish (or assume sponsorship for) documents concerning the education of new/novice DNS "users" (FYI-RFCs).

4. Identify performance measurement tools and evaluate their effectiveness.

The group sees four main areas with related documents:

Root Name Server Operational Requirements draft-bush-dnsop-root-opreq-00.txt Editor: Randy Bush

Multiple servers sharing the same IP address

Editor: Masataka Ohta

Zone KEY RRSet Signing Procedure draft-ietf-dnssec-key-handling-00.txt Editor: Edward Lewis

Performance and measuring Editors: Randy Bush & Michael Patton

Goals and Milestones:
JUN 99  Publish revised Root Server Requirements.
JUL 99  Publish revised version of Key Handling.
JUL 99  Publish first version of Servers Sharing IP#.
SEP 99  WG last call for Root Server Requirements.
SEP 99  Publish first version of Performance and Measuring.
OCT 99  Publish revised version of Key Handling.
OCT 99  Publish revised version of Servers Sharing IP#.
NOV 99  Submit Root Server Requirements to the IESG for consideration as Informational (BCP?).
DEC 99  Publish 2nd revised version of Servers Sharing IP#.
JAN 00  Publish revised version of Key Handling.
FEB 00  Publish revised Performance and Measuring.
MAR 00  WG last call for Key Handling.
MAR 00  WG last call for Servers Sharing IP#.
MAY 00  Publish revised Performance and Measuring.
MAY 00  Submit Servers Sharing IP# to the IESG for consideration as Informational.
JUN 00  Submit Key Handling to the IESG for consideration as BCP.
AUG 00  WG last call for Performance and Measuring.
OCT 00  Submit Performance and Measuring to the IESG for consideration as Informational.
  • - draft-ietf-dnsop-inaddr-required-03.txt
  • - draft-ietf-dnsop-dontpublish-unreachable-03.txt
  • - draft-ietf-dnsop-v6-name-space-fragmentation-01.txt
  • - draft-ietf-dnsop-serverid-00.txt
  • Request For Comments:
    RFC2870BCPRoot Name Server Operational Requirements
    RFC3258 I Distributing Authorittative Name Servers via Shared Unicast Addresses

    Current Meeting Report

    IETF 55
    TUESDAY, November 19, 2002
    Recorded by Cathy Murphy
     1. Agenda Bashing <No comments.>
     2. Scribe - Cathy Murphy volunteered to be scribe.
     3. Blue Sheet - passed out for recording attendance.
     4. Workshop Report - Ed Lewis
    Ed provided a brief overview report about the DNSSEC workshop that 
    occurred in early October.  Ed noted that the workshop was sponsored by 
    ARIN and that a detailed report was posted to the dnsop mail list.  The 
    main task of the workshop was to sign the reverse map dns.
    Ed stated that there have been several DNSSEC workshops recently, and a 
    suggestion has made to gather the reports from all of the workshops in a 
    single location.  Ed is looking for a volunteer; contact Ed if willing to 
    draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-dns-issues-00.txt Alain Durand
    Alain presented his draft.
    There was discussion about characteristics local scope addresses.  It was 
    agreed that they should have names that weren't global and did not leak out 
    to the Internet.  Implementation options were discussed but no 
    conclusion was reached.  Further discussion will take place on the list.
    There was discussion about pre-populating reverse path dns.  Various 
    implementation options were discussed by no conclusion was reached.  
    Further discussion will take place on the list.
    Alain Durand
    These drafts were not discussed because of the time devoted to the 
    previous agenda item.  Future discussion will take place on the list.
     7. draft-ietf-dnsop-serverid-01.txt David Conrad
    The serverid draft was updated to clarify some confusing language; no 
    other substantive changes were made.  There was consensus that this draft 
    should go to WG last call.
    draft-ihren-dnsop-interim-signed-root-01.txt Johan Ihren
    Johan presented his draft.
    There discussion about the proposal.  Several stated that the signing 
    method presented had problems.  The response was that this was about 
    management of the key for signing the zone not about signing of the zone.  
    Discussion about the technical issues concerning resolvers was referred to 
    the list.  The Regional Internet Registries were proposed to be a part of 
    the management scheme.  It was pointed out that they would have to take 
    this to their respective communities for discussion and consensus.
     9. Distributing K-Root Service by Anycast Routing of  
    Daniel Karrenberg
    Daniel made an announcement that the k root server would be deploying 
    additional servers using anycast.  He referred all to the RIPE web site for 
    further details. 
    10. draft-jeong-name-generation-00.txt Jae-Hoon Jeong
    Jae-Hoon presented his draft.  There was no discussion.  The consensus of 
    the wg was that this should not become a wg draft. 


    Generation of Unique Domain Name based on Network Device Identifier
    Name space fragmentation
    IPv6 DNS issues